What is Anthroposophic Medicine?


Featured image for Sophia Micha-el Remedies AboutAnthroposophic medicine is a holistic and human-centered approach to medicine originated in 1920’s by Ita Wegman MD and Rudolf Steiner PhD. It recognizes and uses modern medicine’s vast information and rigorous methodology. Then it goes further, adding knowledge of the laws of the living organism, the psyche, and the spirit. This knowledge is derived from a spiritual scientific methodology, which expands on the conventional scientific method. It requires—besides the ongoing professional, personal, and moral development required of every true physician—an active meditative life. This inner activity leads to a deepened capacity for apprehending the whole human being. Such a meditative journey is outlined by Rudolf Steiner. The result is an integrated image of the whole human being in illness and health. This makes possible a holistic yet rational approach to physiology, pathology, and therapy.

About this Web site

SophiaMicha-elRemedies.com is a free online library, offering to the internet public educational information about anthroposophic healthcare. This website offers you free access to anthroposophic medicine concepts and treatments for common problems.

The website is divided into three sections: spirit, body, and soul.

About Us–Concepts

In the About Us section (starting with this page), you will meet the spiritual or identity aspect of the site: the Individuals and Ideas making this site possible.

  • Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner, and Ita Wegman;
  • the founders of the website;
  • the spiritual beings inspiring our work: Sophia and Micha-el;
  • some concepts essential to the anthroposophic medical understanding of healing.

Symptoms and Treatments

The Symptoms and Treatments section is the ‘body’ of the website, describing some symptoms of illness and their treatments from anthroposophic medical understanding. What are our experiences of illness? What can be helpful? Each symptom topic offers Description, Treatments, Cautions, and Resources.


The Community, the ‘soul’ of the website, lists groups of people working together towards a particular aspect of healing. People working together out of shared caring and ideals build new community.

We seek to build bridges to new understanding, new options in healthcare, and new connections among individuals and groups. In all, the relationship to nature, the earth, and the spiritual world is the setting of our work in healthcare with and for one another.

The information contained on this Website is intended only for educational purposes, for the general public, as a supplement to working with trained and licensed medical practitioners familiar with the reader’s health condition.  It is not meant to provide medical advice, nor is it a replacement for established medical care and the medical system that supports emergency medical needs. Each user is urged to consult with his or her licensed medical provider for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

The Website articles on clinical concepts and symptoms are written by licensed practitioners experienced in anthroposophic medicine, and reviewed by one or more other practitioner(s), and one or more non-practitioner lay person(s) for clarity.

The Website’s articles on anthroposophic therapies are written by individuals with training and experience in anthroposophic therapies, and licenses as permitted and required by the jurisdictional authorities.

The Website’s articles about organizations and initiatives are written by organization representatives.  Some articles on concepts are contributed by non-practitioner individuals who have expertise in anthroposophy.

All articles are donated or compensated with advertising.

Any articles recommending products are written by authors who have no financial alliance with manufacturers of products and accrue no benefit from sales of products mentioned.

Advertising revenue is sought from 1) product manufacturers (e.g., remedies, books, supplements), 2) organizations (membership, trainings, events), and 3) individual practitioners who desire to advertise their practices. Advertising revenue is used to maintain website and support its future development.

About Our Name

Sophia is wisdom, the feminine aspect of God, the divine Mother who cares for all her children, and makes her home in the heart of the Earth.

Micha-el is the archangel of courage, overcoming evil, and bringing new impulses for good to the breadth of humanity.

About Us

After being a primary care doctor for 40+ years, I was looking for a way to give continuity to my patients.  I also wanted to bring anthroposophic medicine more widely to the world.  My experience of working medically with substances from nature, and with medical concepts that recognize spiritual reality (anthroposophic medicine) has been filled with gems that could help so many people if only they knew about them.

SophiaMicha-elRemedies.com fulfills these wishes, and more.

I have many people to thank:

  • Jane Lorand, director of Center for Systemic Leadership at Rudolf Steiner College, Fair Oaks, CA, whose courses in critical thinking asked:  What is your higher purpose?  This started the ball rolling.  In reading Jeff Howe’s crowdsourcing, at Jane’s suggestion, I realized healthcare had NOT been democratized by the internet like so many other aspects of our culture.  The ideal part of healthcare to democratize is holistic healthcare, which is primarily based in non-toxic treatments.  On August 11, 2012, I knew a patient education website in holistic healthcare, based in anthroposophic medicine, was what I wanted to work toward.  Surgery needs to stay in the cathedral of medical institutions.  But patient education about holistic healthcare approaches — specifically anthroposophic medicine —  can appropriately bring great good to the internet public.

Sure enough, other people appeared with capacities I lacked.

  • Carol Wolfley was a muse from the beginning, with a quick positive uptake for the idea of a patient education website based in anthroposophic medicine, a brilliant wordsmith, on-target talent-finder, and inspired planner.
  • Suzanne Rogers brought corporate law and business experience and helped shape the business vision for a holistic medical venture.  She has grounded us, educated us, and artfully provided drive when it all seemed too hard.
  • Talib Huff started us on the right path researching wiki templates, and then Tyler Jensen tech guru for Expression Engine.  These capable individuals both helped  us get our feet wet in the tech world before they went on to other work.
  • Pam Whitman temporarily  interrupted her busy painting therapy schedule to share her artistic sense and generous heart in guiding our name choice.  She sheltered us artistically to the port we found with Jorge Sanz-Cardona.
  • Joy Kwapien RN has a North Carolina voice that makes every phone call a musical experience and brings the power and depth of biodynamic farming and anthroposophic nursing so important to practical healthcare.
  • Rebekkah Hilgraves, a marketing consultant with a creative streak, took up the WordPress design work and the challenge of being introduced to new ideas, helping to pull many divergent threads together.
  • Michele Sanz functioned as expert advisor to the board out of years of managerial eperience and knowledge of integrative medicine internationally. She also guided the artistic development of the website together with her husband, Jorge.
  • Jorge Sanz-Cardona‘s artistic talents are the reason anyone pauses at the site, and enters.  His artwork and logo begin the healing process the site hopes to convey. Revealing  the reality of beauty as a healer, it draws us in.

This gradually enlarging circle of capacities and caring people now includes you.  We invite your contributions as we go forward in this website and community development.

Please review our Vision, Mission, Values statement below.  Let us know your hopes for the culture of healing, and your needs, and how you would like to contribute.  (email)

If you have comments or concerns about the site content, or have technical issues using the site please let us know.

Welcome to the Sophia Micha-el Remedies community.

M. Kelly Sutton, MD

Healthcare choices

Your healthcare provider is your essential advocate. All self-care requires sound judgment by the individual, as well as communication with his/her healthcare practitioner. Trained healthcare practitioners are best equipped to make accurate diagnoses based on current symptoms, put the diagnosis in the context of your overall health picture, and recommend appropriate testing or treatment from reliable sources. New information is continually available in healthcare, and a company’s manufacturing practices change. For these reasons, working with a practitioner provides optimal healthcare. This site is educational only. We presume you are working with a trained licensed healthcare provider.

Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To cultivate from within an on-line public library a fully human healing culture by:

  • Combining anthroposophic medicine and natural remedies and treatments with conventional medical approaches.
  • Sharing a spiritual scientific picture of human make-up and healing; and further enhancing an understanding of body, soul and spirit in medicine;
  • Engaging healing life forces through art, nature and nurture;
  • Helping patients and caregivers move beyond fragmentation, isolation, and fear during illness into a sense of empowerment, meaning and hope;
  • Supporting conscious informed choices;
  • Expanding healthcare options at lower cost for the internet-using public; and
  • Providing community-building and partnership opportunities to help us to meet social, political, and economic challenges in the field of health care today.

Our Mission Statement

  • To create a free online, easily accessible database of safe holistic treatments (anthroposophic medical healthcare) with underlying concepts written by licensed or experienced healthcare practitioners;
  • To continually update this library and provide an avenue for practitioners to pass experience-based wisdom on to the public.
  • To provide published versions of the database.
  • To establish in the website presentation the relation between arts, beauty, inspiration, and healing.
  • To support and explain the spiritual nature of the human being, nature, and the universe as a foundation for healing, by clearly presenting some basic concepts of spiritual science (Rudolf Steiner’s and Dr. Ita Wegman’s anthroposophy) and anthroposophic medicine.
  • To provide practical resources supporting anthroposophic patient healthcare (remedies, supplements, practitioners, organizations, books, events, etc.).
  • To advise users about current events and their relation to health.
  • To build community. To build bridges among individuals and groups with shared values in healthcare, support wellness (healing) for the human being; and support the improvement of the human condition.

Our Values

  • We value the recognition that the human being is spiritual as well as physical in nature, and that this understanding underlies many holistic systems of healing.
  • We value reverence, respect, and relationship-based healthcare:
    • Reverence for the person and his/her own destiny, past, present, and future.
    • Respect for individual freedom and responsibility in social consciousness
    • Relationship with the cosmos, nature, and each other.
  • We value the democratization of what is safest in healthcare, namely holistic non-toxic remedies, as a way to improve the health of the public that has internet access, and a way to lower healthcare costs (holistic remedies are less costly, and people with holistic/organic lifestyles are healthier), and protect the Earth.
  • We carry out the mission with respect for laws, protection of individual rights, and accuracy in presenting information.
  • We value co-working among individuals, among streams of holistic healthcare, and seek conscious co-operation with the conventional allopathic medical system resources and providers

For more information about Anthroposophic Medicine, please visit the Physicians’ Association for Anthroposophic Medicine (PAAM) at http://www.paam.net. For more information about anthroposophic medical therapies, please see Association of Anthroposophic Medical Therapies of America (AAMTA) at http://www.aamta.org.

You may also contact us directly.

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