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dreamstime_xs_12714185Anthroposophic medicine characterizes acne as ‘fermenting metabolism.’ When the normal housecleaning systems of the body are not working (liver, colon, kidneys), the skin must carry the load.

See Basics for general health.


Healing the Skin by Lueder Jachens MD (Temple Lodge) is an important reference in English for anthroposophic medical care of the skin. Dr. Jachens characterizes acne as ‘fermenting metabolism.’ When the normal housecleaning systems of the body are not working (liver, colon, kidneys), the skin must carry the load.

Watch for individual sensitivity to the following, and if you observe sensitivity avoid these: too little or too much sun exposure to the skin, B vitamins, iodine supplementation, topical vaseline- or paraffin-based products, foods (chocolate, sweets, refined sugar or flour, pork, chips, high-fat cheeses, nuts, citrus, mayonnaise). Often unavoidable factors aggravating acne include winter weather, and stress.

If feet are cold, metabolism is likely sluggish. See Warmth and health for use of clothing to meet individual needs.

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Correct constipation if you are constipated. See the Bristol Stool Chart to decide: wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristol_stool_scale. See Constipation.

Warming can be encouraged with thin layer of Uriel Rose Copper ointment applied to feet and lower legs at night for adults.

Greasy skin with juicy pustules: For adults, dab on with cotton Uriel Calendula essence 20% then zinc oxide (Calamine lotion drugstore, or Weleda Calendula Diaper Care cream)

dreamstime_xs_562039Skin care program:

  • Cleanse morning and night with plant-based cleanser (Weleda Iris Cleansing Lotion; or Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Cream or Cleansing Milk; or True Botanica Cleansing Cream; or Uriel Almond Cleansing Cream).
  • Dab facial toner onto spots in between twice daily cleansing, (Weleda Iris Facial Toner; Dr. Hauschka Facial Toner or Clarifying Toner, or Uriel Anthyllis Toner or Sandalwood Toner).

Greasy skin: apply face oil for daytime — soothing oil on troubled waters — to decrease sebum secretion, eg Weleda Almond Oil or Dr. Haushka Normalizing Day Oil .

Chamomile tea face steam (see Chamomile steam inhalation) softens blackheads and reduces inflammation in pustules; use 1-2 times per week.

Cosmetician/Esthetician who ‘works with love and has a light hand’ teaches valuable techniques and brings relaxation and improved self-esteem. See http://www.drhauschka.com/customer-service/store-spa-locator-results.aspx for estheticians trained in these techniques. 800 247 9907

Quality of products used on skin can be evaluated at www.skindeep.org

Uriel Amethyst Rosa Skin Capsules for adults one capsule three times a day, or three capsules at bedtime, one month on, one month off, gives general support for metabolism so the skin is relieved of its overload.

True Botanica’s Serrazime Plus for adults 2-4 capsules on empty stomach 2-3 times per day digests inflammatory processes for quicker resolution.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR  The practitioner who knows your health history may consider the need to address sluggish metabolism, in particular liver overload, which can be constitutional or from excessive medication; and ‘residual puberty’ eg from early use of oral contraceptives, delaying the balancing of hormones; and hormone balance in general.

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Pimples on the face should never be squeezed because of the possibility of spreading bacteria through a vein on the face to the brain.

Chronic oral antibiotic use can have long term detrimental effects on gut health (see Digestion)

Accutane prescription acne treatment has distinct side effects limiting its use and should not be used unless all other treatments have been ineffective.

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Dr. Hauschka products www.drhauschka.com

True Botanica www.truebotanica.com +1 800 315 TRUE (8783) (in USA)  +1 262 912 0970 (outside USA)

Uriel Pharmacy www.urielpharmacy.com +1 866 642 2858 (in USA)  +1 262 642 2858 (outside USA)

Weleda www.weleda.com  +1 800 241  1030 (in USA)

Healing the Skin, Jachens, Lueder, Temple Lodge Press, 2008

Not Just a Pretty Face- The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry, Malkan, Stacy, New Society Publishers, 2007

Bristol Stool Chart http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Bristol_stool_scale

Toxins in cosmetics http://ewg.org/skindeep

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