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Mouth breathing often means enlarged adenoids, and can signify a ‘lymphatic constitution.’


Most commonly this is seen in children who have large tonsils, mouth breathing, enlarged lymph nodes, and tendency to allergies.  See Allergies – hayfever.

Children begin life with abundant lymphatic tissue, which takes up immune learning (See Innate Immunity and Acquired Immunity). The large tonsils of a young child commonly have shrunk by age 7 years. The older child and adult with large tonsils and/or adenoids may have a constitution in which the lymphatic tissue predominates, and fluids are more sluggish.

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A patient with lymphatic constitution should be dressed warmly, and fever should be treated supportively (See Fever), not suppressively, as the activated immune system can help remodel the lymphatic tissue.

Uriel Barium Conchae pellets  for adults 10 pellets four times a day for up to one year helps the body shrink the enlarged lymph tissue.

True Botanica Angelica forte oil  as oil dispersion bath once a week for 7 weeks can strengthen the constitution.  These are given under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner.

Uriel Archangelica Eucalyptus ointment on the neck area (lymph node area) or thin layer across the bridge of the nose at night time (Don’t apply ointment near eyes if child is likely to rub it into his/her eyes.)

Salt water baths, or ocean bathing, can help strengthen the lymphatic constitution.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR: Weleda has prescription Archangelica eucalyptus ointment, Archangelica oil, and Barium iodatum comp.  Practitioners may use for children 2-11 yr old Barium Conchae pellets (Uriel Pharmacy) one pellet per year of age up to ten pellets four times per day on the tongue.  Pediatric treatments and doses should always be guided by a practitioner.

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Hard lymph nodes or continually growing lymph nodes or newly discovered lymph nodes require physical exam and diagnosis by healthcare provider before assuming these or any other treatments are appropriate.

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