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The cosmic roundness of a healthy baby’s features and build is chiselled by individuality with time. First, unique features to him/herself alone, then the marks of life’s tasks, injuries, and decisions.


As a human being ages, life forces are directed first toward physical creativity (reproduction) and later toward mental and spiritual creativity. This change is more abrupt in women (menopause) than in men (andropause), but happens for both.  See Menopause, Andropause.

Physical and mental function in our 20’s-40’s seems invulnerable to long hours, irregular meals, and bad habits. We look and feel great no matter what we do.

In the 50’s the physical mechanism, the body,  requires more self-care. Yet we have more insight, wisdom, and good judgment by far than we had 2 or 3 decades prior. The etheric forces which supported our gradual mastery of the physical body and external world have gradually transformed into supporting inner mastery and cultural contributions, whether in a home or on a larger stage.

Many of the physical challenges of aging are based on the hardening of tissues which should be supple and flexible, especially arteries and joints. This shift toward hardening (sclerosis) is part of the balancing act between the polarities of inflammation and sclerosis See Polarity, Rhythm.

A flexible etheric body is better able to work with a sclerotic physical body. The health of the etheric body (see Etheric Body) is enlivened by rhythmic lifestyle, connections with nature, artistic activities, and heartfelt community connections. Inner rigidity of habits can be recognized in ourselves as we age.  We can guide ourselves to inner flexibility with this self-awareness.  When we think in an imaginative and practical way, with reverence for the world and people we hope to help, we enlived our etheric bodies.

We are challenged to continue to value ourselves, despite the passing of youth, especially in a materialistic culture that one-sidedly values youth.

At age 50, regular medical care becomes more important: diagnostic testing for breast tumors (mammogram, ultrasound with or without elastography, MRI), bone density testing, colon polyp and cancer screening (annual stool cards and/or periodic colonoscopy), and regular physical exam including gyn exam for women and prostate exam for men; lab testing based on family history and risk factors.  This makes intelligent preventive treatment possible. Having adequate levels of vitamin D (True Botanica) helps to prevent some of the major diseases associated with aging: high blood pressure, osteoporosis, falls, 17 different cancers, congestive heart failure, and others. Please see Nutrition, and names of diseases you have concerns about.

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Regular exercise is major medicine in this important time of life. Find movement you love, and do it. An outgrowth of Spatial Dynamics, Agile Aging, is sensible movement to music creating flexibility in a setting of fun. Choreocosmos is sacred dance that combines beauty and eurythmy movement in honor of the sacred nature of existence. Walking outdoors with heartfelt appreciation for nature regains for us an inner youthfulness.  See Choreocosmos, Eurythmy, Spatial Dynamics.

Birch leaf tea (Uriel, Weleda) for adults two cups per day most days of the week is of value for its anti-aging properties to anyone over 40 years old. Birch leaves contain the protein process which has separated out its mineral processes to the bark; this healthy separation of minerals from proteins models healthy aging, and handling minerals in the right way. Therapeutic teas do not necessarily have gourmet flavors, and birch leaves are not commonly found outside homeopathic pharmacies. Brew the tea lightly, 1-2 tsp of herb per two cups of boiling water, steep about 3 minutes, and drink both cups together.

Uriel Birch Juniper syrup for adults, 1 tsp twice daily orally for one or more bottles per year is another way of dealing with the aging process, and is often used as a springtime tonic.

Aging skin responds well to applications of oils and fats.  Take fewer baths and showers, to prevent removing natural skin oils and fats.  Apply lubricating oil or cream after bathing.  Use natural sunscreen on exposed areas (face, ears, back of neck, back of hands and forearms) to prevent further aging changes.  Natural sunscreens commonly use titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide to provide moderate level sun protection.  These minerals provide protection without side effects related to some chemical sunscreens.

Small amounts of honey taken orally, and fruits that store honey and water, such as melon, have mild anti-aging effects.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  A practitioner may prescribe homeopathic lead with honey for certain physical constitutions, which have strong etheric forces and are not ‘driven’ by the nervous system.  This constitution is not common today.  This treatment can diminish plaque creation in arteries in certain individuals. These preparations carry the energy message of lead, without physical lead.

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“Denial is not a river in Egypt,” “Aging is not for sissies” are two bits of folk wisdom to give us respect for the magnitude of changes aging can bring, and the usual tripping point: denial. There is a rhythm to human life, and even the cosmetic surgeries do not change the internal age of an organism. Take heed and work with a practitioner to live positively, preventively, and with regular check-ins.

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True Botanica www.truebotanica.com +1 800 315 TRUE (8783) (in USA)  +1 262 912 0970 (outside USA)

Uriel Pharmacy www.urielpharmacy.com +1 866 642 2858 (in USA)  +1 262 642 2858 (outside USA)

Weleda www.weleda.com  +1 800 241  1030 (in USA and to obtain contact info outside USA)

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