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In anthroposophic medicine’s understanding of human function, the digestion is the place where the human being is meant to be violent.  Our food supply has been drastically altered, resulting in lower quality.  Questions exist as to the source of the many food allergies we suffer today.


The digestion is the place where the human being is meant to be violent.  Chewing is the first step.

The production of a very strong acid in our stomach — hydrochloric acid — is the second step.

Enzymes are the third.

These lead to thorough destruction of the food, so its tiny parts can be rebuilt, enlivened, and used to make ‘us.’

Carbohydrate digestion takes place in the mouth, through amylase in our saliva. Thorough chewing and taking time to moisten the foods in our mouth is important.

When sweet drinks form a significant part of intake, the digestive action of chewing and saliva on carbohydrates is bypassed. Carbohydrates go undigested or poorly digested further down the digestive tract, and can feed invading bacteria, parasites, and yeast, which grow large enough in numbers to cause symptoms.

With continuous mental activities from a young age, the acid-making activities of the body — governed by the astral body — are directed away from digestion, their rightful early location, and a foundation for food allergies and poor health is created, through incomplete digestion.  Many mental activities are by nature, analytic, acid-like, in breaking apart an event into its components.  This uses up the forces which could be used for digestion.

The food supply has been rapidly and massively changed in the past 100 years, so that our ancient bodies have had too little time to adjust to the changes.

There are thousands of chemical additives in foods,especially if we use processed foods. These can induce allergies to the chemicals themselves. Reports of people working with genetically modified crops document widespread allergic symptoms occurring.

Furthermore, the residue pesticides appear to be damaging even high quality organic food products, such as raw milk, which over time has shown decreasing diversity of its good bacteria content.

Some agricultural methods so significantly alter the plants and animals that our ancient physical bodies grew up with,  that we become ‘intolerant’ or ‘sensitive’ or ‘allergic’ to that food or one of its components.

Some processing methods for foods, such as pasteurization and homogenization of milk, denature the protein to make it indigestible, and affect the lymphatics in the gut in a way that may increase food allergies. See http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=18588554

Vaccines increasingly contain aluminum, and manufacturers are known to increase the amount of aluminum in vaccines without practitioners being notified of the change in constituents. Aluminum increases auto-immune reactions, and whatever amount of food allergies is related to autoimmune processes may also be related to our increasing use of vaccines, from birth till death.

The antibiotics and hormones fed to animals reach our plates and can induce allergies to themselves, or alter the way our system functions. Agricultural antibiotics and GMO foods both contribute to antibiotic resistance, a great concern when life-threatening infections occur. Antibiotics used in agriculture and as treatment of inflammation or infection damage healthy bacteria (Lactobacillus bifidus in particular) and healthy yeast (Saccharomyces).

Abnormal gut flora contribute to food allergies. Using probiotics and fermented foods regularly deters chronic disease in general, including food allergies.

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When digestion is very weak, both hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes can replace the absent or insufficient amounts a person is making. However, to simply replace a substance the body is capable of making can weaken the organ. A first step can be to use digestive bitters, such as Chicory Ginger (Uriel), or Amara drops (Weleda) taking a dose 30 minutes before a meal to prepare the stomach for the food that is coming. Enzymes Plus (True Botanica) combines bitters with enzymes, thus encouraging the digestive organs to continue their own functions, even while assisting them.

  • True Botanica Enzymes Plus  for adults 1-2 capsules with meals three times per day orally
  • Uriel Chicory Ginger Bitters for adults 1/4 teaspoon before meals three times per day orally
  • Weleda Amara drops for adults 10 drops in 1/2 teaspoon of water before meals three times per day orally

Overall strengthening of digestion is accomplished with the following homeopathic preparations remedies used for several months or longer:

  • Aquilinium Taraxacum (Uriel)for adults 10 pellets four times per day, or Kalium Aceticum cp 6x (Uriel or Weleda) for adults 1/8 tsp on tongue 3-4 times per day
  • Formica has specific benefits for food allergies, since the role of formica in nature (formica is ant venom) is to recycle debris.
  • Formica 3x or 7x (Uriel) for adults 10 pellets or drops four times per day on the tongue
  • Formica Pentas (True Botanica) for adults 20 drops two to three times per day on the tongue.
  • Similarly, Lovage Pentas (True Botanica) is specifically beneficial for food allergies, for adults 20 drops on the tongue two to three times per day.
  • 5M Pentas (True Botanica) 10-20 drops twice a day, strengthens ego and its processes in digestion.
  • Triple Strength Probiotics provide bifidus the essential good bacteria, and Gut Restore provides Saccharomyces, the healthy yeast (both True Botanica), used for adults one or two capsules per day orally between meals
  • ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  VSL#3 DS is a prescription high potency probiotic designated as a ‘medical food’ used for irritable bowel and some inflammatory bowel diseases.
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Diets can become so narrow in order to avoid foods we believe we are allergic to, that we can become undernourished. Ask your practitioner to review your diet, food quality, and consider testing for nutrient deficiencies if there is concern.

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Food allergies possibly related to pasteurized milk  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=18588554

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