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The overreactive allergic person often has an overabundance of histamine, thus the ‘antihistamine’ treatments are commonly used. Drawing on the characteristics of two fruits in nature, the lemon and the quince, treatment for hayfever can be found.  These two fruits bring a quality of ‘restraint’ to the excessive histamine production underlying respiratory allergies.


Both these fruits have a quality of restraint, and do not get sweet as they ripen. This restraint is uncommon in the world of fruits, and restraint is what the person suffering hayfever needs: restraint in producing histamine in response to pollen, etc., instead of overabundance of histamine.

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Lemon-quince products come in oral formulation, nose spray (allergic rhinitis), eye drops (allergic conjunctivitis), and subcutaneous injections.

  • Uriel Pharmacy Lemon Quince nose spray for adults one squirt in each nostril four times per day. 
  • Uriel Lemon Quince pellets for adults 10 pellets  four times per day on the tongue. Despite containing lemon, the products do not sting.

Uriel Flores Formica drops for adults 10 drops four times per day on the tongue.  This product is helpful for those who do not respond to lemon and quince.

True Botanica AKBA Plus for adults one capsule one to three times per day orally.  This product contains high quality boswellia (frankincense) which is a potent anti-inflammatory product for respiratory inflammation.

When hayfever becomes sinus symptoms, consider the following:

  • True Botanica Sinus Plus for adults one capsule three times per day orally.
  • Weleda Pharmacy Sambucus compound or Sinus/Allergy formula, for adults both are used 10 pellets or drops four times a day on the tongue.

See also Sinusitis.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR: Practitioners may direct the use of pellets hourly if symptoms are intense.  Practitioners may use prescription injections of Weleda Gencydo (brand name for citrus/cydonia) in 1%, 3%, 5%, or 7%, or of Uriel Citrus Cydonia (same strengths) given very slowly subcutaneously between the shoulder blades, beginning one month before the season of symptoms and through the season, as these are highly effective in controlling hay fever symptoms usually with only one injection per week. It is common to start with the weakest strength, increase to the next strengths successively if symptoms are not kept in control for a week, and continue weekly injections until the season is over.  Yearly seasonal use of lemon quince injections can diminish the tendency to hayfever over time.

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Hay fever may occur with asthma, which can be life-threatening. Be sure you have accurate diagnosis and are not overlooking a serious accompanying condition.

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True Botanica www.truebotanica.com +1 800 315 TRUE (8783) (in USA)  +1 262 912 0970 (outside USA)

Uriel Pharmacy www.urielpharmacy.com +1 866 642 2858 (in USA)  +1 262 642 2858 (outside USA)

Weleda www.weleda.com  +1 800 241  1030 (in USA and to obtain contact info outside USA)

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