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We are in a time when the damaging effects of one chemical after another are being exposed. The earth and its living beings are threatened by these, and ever more do we need to understand what our task is in this context.


It is shocking to learn of the vast chemical soup that has been created from industry and business practices, for the most part silently, with the consent of the regulators, and the ignorance of the citizens. Awakening is part of the consciousness-soul time we are in. We are looking realities in the eye. In asking what we can do to protect the future of life on our planet we learn to penetrate deeper to the moving forces behind outer appearances.

A toxin can be an element brought out of its balance in nature. So for instance, a normal chemical compound of the earth crust, highly concentrated and used in a very different way than Nature received it in the earth organism, may become a toxin. Rather than think the element itself is bad, we can understand how it serves in a healthy way by seeing what its role is in nature. From this, therapeutic applications can be brought to help heal the excessive use of of its concentrated toxic form.

A dramatic and devastating new film, The Aluminum Age, documents the damaging impact of widespread aluminum in our life. is the link for the trailer and extensive information on the topic. The film can be rented or purchased.
Dr. Mercola refers to the film and points also to sources assessing problems with man-made aluminum in the environment.
Dr. Russell Blaylock points out the particularly damaging effects of aerosolized nanoaluminum from chemtrails (geoengineering) entering the body through inhalation especially through the nose:

Major concerns from the above sources are as follows:

  • Aluminum appears to play prominently in development of neurological diseases (dementia, autism, Parkinson’s) and muscle disease and lung disease; the olfactory nerve (related to the sense of smell) leads nanoparticles of aluminum directly to the brain and these particles cannot be filtered out by standard air filters;
  • Women with breast cancer have higher aluminum concentration in nipple fluid than women without breast cancer, and 60% of breast cancers are located near the armpit where aluminum-containing antiperspirants and deodorants are applied. Aluminum antiperspirants strongly interrupt the normal function of sweat glands; the breast itself is a modified sweat gland.
  • The University of Vienna found combining aluminum hydroxide with a food substance consumed could trigger allergy in animals; mothers consuming aluminum during pregnancy have children who suffer increased incidence of allergies;
  • The aluminum extraction plant in Dusseldorf consumes the same amount of electric energy to extract aluminum in one year as the entire rest of the city consumes in one year.
  • Bauxite (aluminum hydroxide) refinery in South America discharges a byproduct which has eliminated livelihoods of locals because of significantly diminished numbers of fish.
  • The 2012 World Congress on Autoimmune Diseases (Spain) voiced a concensus that there need to be aluminum-free alternatives to current vaccines which contain aluminum.

Aluminum is an iron substitute in industry. The romance with aluminum is based on the tantalizing observation that it outperforms iron, and that across the human lifespan can provide society almost everything needed from one material.

As a result, modern humans are likely to be in continual contact with aluminum, from the antiperspirant, toothpaste, and sunscreen or cosmetics used in the morning, to the breakfast cooked in aluminum or non-stick cookware, to the snack drink in an aluminum pouch or a soda can, to the antacids taken for heartburn, to the baked goods with aluminum-containing baking powder and foil wrap, to vaccines and prescribed medications . Because large amounts of mined and refined aluminum have been released from the earth’s crust, the aluminum load now circulates in water, air and earth. Aluminum cannot be destroyed. It bioaccumulates in plants and animals, which humans eat.

In the human body, aluminum uses iron transport mechanisms to gain access to tissues.

What is the original blueprint Nature holds for aluminum? How does it work in the living earth organism?

In the anthroposophic perspective, all living things, including the earth and human beings, are in a process of becoming. The story of the non-material origin of substance rests in its present day make-up. Its potential to be a part of living systems lies in its ability to move from substance to activity and process, and influence function. The substance which we look at and touch, is a process come to rest.

The earth’s crust is made of three metals combining with non-metals: silica, calcium, and aluminum are the metals. Aluminum + oxygen is the primary constituent of clay (Al203); aluminum makes up about 8% of the earth’s crust. The crust gives itself as a surface on which life can happen. These three substances have been called the ‘three mothers’ (in Benesch and Wilde, Silica, Calcium, and Clay). They are related to the ancient Greek goddesses who represented inert matter, life-filled matter, and the soulful breathing function of earth matter through the seasons. Motherly qualities are seen in the role the earth’s crust plays: receiving, enshrouding, carrying, nourishing, giving birth, supporting metamorphosis, and sacrifice to name some characteristics.

Obviously, a ‘mother’ is more than merely a substance.  Our age of materialism attempts to limit our ability to see the living qualities and forces present in substances, in this case, the clay of the earth crust which contains aluminum.  Seeing the full nature of Nature’s substances brings two things:  respect for the living Earth, and healthier options in meeting our material needs from creative and broader thinking.

Clay soil supports the moist lush growth of green leafy plant growth. Seeds are very sensitive to aluminum — traces of aluminum stimulate germination and just slightly more aluminum seriously suppresses growth, with roots misformed, growth stagnating, and abnormal phosphate handling and interrupted photosynthesis. The mother’s touch is delicate.

Clay was used since ancient times as a material for human structures and utensils: bricks, tiles, ovens, porcelain. These were created through mixing earth, water, air, and fire. Clay carries the earth qualities of wetness, coldness, and heaviness. With human inspiration, molding, and firing in an oven, clay is transformed into articles expressing human culture.

Clay served in ancient and modern times as treatment:

  • For disturbed digestion (kaolin is absorptive), for example in Kaopectate for diarrhea and in Uriel Carbo Chamomilla for adults ¼ tsp 4 times per day for flatulence or diarrhea.
  • Clay compresses used as treatment for pneumonias and other inflammations,  applies the earth qualities (cold, moist, firm) for situations with inflammatory characteristics (hot, dissolving by nature).
  • Varicose veins are benefitted by the toning quality of aluminum magnesium silicate in Uriel’s Borago Lavender Lotion for adults applied 2-4 times per day.
  • Potentized aluminum (True Botanica Alumina 30X) may be used for symptoms of drying such as dry skin, dry mouth, dry eyes, based on the strong relation clay has to attracting water to itself.
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There is a threefold approach to any toxin exposure:
1. preventing exposure
2. strengthening one’s own force of balance
3. applying complementary forces, for example, from art or substances (creating an antidote)

1. Preventing exposure
Public awareness about the widespread use of aluminum and its release into the environment, the growing information on its health risks, as well as the unique danger of aerosolized nano-aluminum, are important foundations for both public discussion of policies and personal prevention.

Knowing this, seek out aluminum free antacids, deodorants, baking powders, cosmetics, and sunscreens. Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database are sources for information about ingredients in a wide range of topical products

Recognize that vaccines carry risks, in part due to their aluminum content. Our current information environment erroneously instructs the public that the vaccine situation is black (all vaccinatable diseases kill all the time) and white (all vaccines are perfectly effective and safe and should always be used). Be willing to individualize vaccination schedules to meet the needs and health situation of the individual.Work with a trained, informed, and open-minded practitioner.   See Immunizations (vaccines).

The body requires sulfur to eliminate toxic metals so foods such as onions, garlic, undenatured whey protein, eggs, meat, poultry, and small wild fish, are important. These should be organic, and wild or free-range, grass fed and finished to avoid a buildup in the total amount of chemicals.

2. Strengthening one’s own force of balance

We live in a culture based in materialism which will not change quickly, in all likelihood.  Steiner’s sculpture of the Representative of Man shows how the human being stands: out of his own balance, the human being is upright, keeping at bay the forces that would mineralize him/her (hardening) and the forces that would dissipate him/her (dissolving, disconnecting him/her from the earth).

3. Applying complementary forces, for example, from art or substances (creating an antidote)

Art therapy and art in general counter the one-sided hardening resulting from the over-concentrated use of an earth substance, or excess in general. Art is recognized as beautiful because it carries harmony and balance. See Hauschka Artistic Therapy, Eurythmy Therapy.

Silica helps eliminate aluminum.

  • A simple source is Horsetail tea (equisetum), Uriel or Weleda pharmacy. The herb has dense needle-like leaves, and requires boiling for 3-7 minutes, one teaspoon of herb per cup of water, for adults drink 2 or more cups per day.
  • Silica rich mineral waters have been shown to reduce the aluminum body burden. A silica-rich mineral water is defined as one with at least 30 mg/L silica, for example Fiji water, which contains at least twice that much silica.

Potentized aluminum brings the aluminum substance out of the material state into process.

Homeopathic Alumina 30x opposes the physical substance aluminum, and assists in detoxing aluminum excess from the body. True Botanica Alumina 30x for adults 5 pellets each morning.

Dr. Ross Rentea states in the introduction to Silica, Calcium and Clay that mankind has to find its way from the calcium age, the age of darkness, to the silica age, the next age, the age of light. The movie Age of Aluminum, has stated the accuracy of our situation: we are in the age of aluminum. We are still using old tools, from the age of darkness, to force elements of the natural world out of the delicate order in which they occur. Our task is finding the balance point in ourselves, in our lives, and working towards that in our culture.

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The Age of Aluminum film

Dr. Mercola on aluminum toxicity

Dr. Blaylock on nanoaluminum particles

Silica, Calcium, and Clay: Processes in Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Man, Benesch, F., and Wilde, K., Schaumburg Publications, Inc., 1995,

Skin deep resource on cosmetics and body products

True Botanica +1 800 315 TRUE (8783) (in USA) +1 262 912 0970 (outside USA)

Uriel Pharmacy +1 866 642 2858 (in USA) +1 262 642 2858 (outside USA)

Weleda Pharmacy +1 800 241 1030 (in USA and to obtain contact info for outside the USA)

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