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Hemorrhoids are varicose veins of the rectum, and the tendency to them can be addressed through liver strengthening.


See Constipation. Please be sure to correct constipation problems.

The bright red blood streak on stool is often of external cause, such as an anal fissure or hemorrhoid.

Hard dry stools enlarge the anal opening, crack the skin, and result in an anal fissure, and visible small amounts of blood. An external hemorrhoid can cause bright red blood on the toilet paper when wiping.

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Treatments listed refer to adults.

Uriel Quercus Borago suppositories and ointment are useful both internally (rectal suppository — daily if acutely inflamed, every other day or twice a week if chronic problem), and externally (ointment — at least once a day) to relieve pain and resolve both anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

If a hemorrhoid is painful, a sitz bath with Uriel Calendula or Quercus essence 2-3 Tbsp per Sitz bath for adults daily for several days softens and relieves symptoms.

Simple witch hazel from the drug store can be applied to a cotton ball and tucked at the anal opening after each bowel movement, and worn there (if it falls out, it will fall into the underpants) for inexpensive relief. Keep the bottle of witch hazel and cotton balls on the back of the toilet if you have anal fissures or hemorrhoids.

Mountain Rose Herbs Helichrysum oil is costly, but can be very effective for resolving hemorrhoids for adults applied topically for a few days in a row.

Help for the constitution prone to hemorrhoids can be addressed through liver strengthening:

  • Kalium Aceticum cp (Uriel or Weleda Pharmacy) for adults pea,-sized portion (1/8 tsp) three times a day for six weeks or longer;
  • Hepatodoron (Weleda) or Fragaria Vitis (Uriel) for adults two tablets chewed 3-4 times daily long term;
  • True Botanica Liver Cleanse for adults two capsules daily for six weeks.
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Not all anal bleeding is benign. A persisting lump or bleeding should be examined by medical practitioner and may need biopsy to rule out malignancy if it is not healing.

Blood from more serious causes is often not visible in the bowel movement. Regular stool card checks for hidden blood and sigmoidoscopy / colonoscopy can detect serious sources of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

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Weleda  +1 800 241  1030 (in USA and to obtain contact info outside USA)

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