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Part of normal human aging is redirecting the life forces to the spiritual / mental capacities.  As a result, the physical body is less automatic in its rebound from the physical wear and tear of life.  But the spiritual life — insight, wisdom — is set to become ever richer, and is in fact the intended focus of later middle- and older-age parts of life.

This redirecting from physical emphasis to spiritual emphasis begins to happen about age 35, in both men and women.

Knowing that the mental / emotional / spiritual capacities are rising in importance as we age is a foundation for health in spite of the advancing hardening processes, such as hardening of the arteries.  See Arteriosclerosis.  See Aging.

A true interest in the outer world and other people, and eagerness to learn, signify flexibility of the soul life and the etheric body.  See Etheric body,  Astral body (soul).   When the finer bodies are flexible, the sclerosis (hardness) of the physical body has less impact on physical function.  Greater health ensues.

The physical body is not quite as quick in its recovery from lack of sleep, overexertion, dietary and recreational excesses, as in young adulthood.

Nonetheless there can be sustained physical and mental vigor for a long period of time in middle and later life.  The ability to carry motivation for a cause outside oneself, to approach tasks with greater patience and perspective and maturity, can make the older person feel and act with significantly enhanced capacity over his performance in younger years.

Male hormone shifts are generally gradual in comparison with the relatively abrupt cessation of hormone activity that occurs in women, menopause.

The gradual decrease of testosterone in the male coincides with slightly diminished muscle mass and exercise tolerance. These are not noticeable if the man exercises regularly and eats adequate high quality foods including protein.
Fertility and sexual function can be maintained into later decades for men with healthy lifestyle,  and interests outside themselves, and  degenerative diseases, such as diabetes or cardiovascular issues, can be less common for reasons described above.  See Nutrition,  and Basics for general health, and Exercise.  See Prostate health.

The insight, wisdom, capacity for managing life and oneself is generally much greater in later years than the early part of adulthood. This inner muscle is the result of the shift of life forces away from the physical, toward the spiritual aspect of human make-up with passing time.

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Uriel Testes Apis for adult males 10 pellets four times per day orally may support normal testosterone ratio in men when the ratio is off.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Testing for the ratio of testosterone to estrogen in men can be important when prostate cancer and  degenerative diseases do occur.  Dr. Morgentaler’s book listed in ‘Resources’ reviews the research into testosterone role in aging.  The treatment with standard amounts of testosterone medication can be expanded by use of homeopathic glandular preparations, as indicated above.  Testosterone taken as a medication can be suppressive, inhibiting testicular function.

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Work with a practitioner to evaluate your health and the safest method of adjusting testosterone level if that is needed.

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Testosterone for Life, Morgentaler, Abraham,McGraw Hill, 2009

Uriel Pharmacy +1 866 642 2858 (in USA)  +1 262 642 2858 (outside USA)

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