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Rudolf Steiner states the human soul carries streams from the past and the future. We can experience judgment, regret, or shame, in relation to the past. We can experience fear and anxiety in relation to the future.


The attitude of soul that lets us pour certainty about the future into our souls is ‘devoted acceptance,’ that works properly if it arises as an attitude of prayer. See Meditation.
Substances move our soul experience. Gold, is the metal of the sun and the heart, and carries ‘centering’ as its quality. It is for the times in our life when we must find our center in a storm.
Creature comforts like a hot meal, a bath with Lavender oil, or a room freshened by an open window, can prepare us to come to a devoted acceptance of the unknown future. Rhythm in life (See Polarity, rhythm) is especially valuable as a foundation, an antidote to the eternal uncertainty of a chaotic lifestyle.
Rhythmical massage therapy (see Rhythmical massage therapy) and therapeutic baths, support the physical and etheric foundation for the soul life, and heal exhaustion.
The arts (see Artistic therapy and Music Therapy) bring harmony and transformation.

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True Botanica Clear and Calm for adults 2 caps orally twice a day  often calms agitation.

Uriel Aurum 12x or 17 x are oral preparations to help centering, for adults 10 drops 3-4 times daily orally.

Combinations with other mineral and plant substances, such as Aurum Stibium Hyoscyamus, or Aurum Hypericum, both from Uriel Pharmacy (for adults, 10 pellets 4 times per day orally), can enhance the effect potentized gold can bring.

Potentized substances have wider tolerance than herbal substances for people who are sensitive. For example, St. John’s Wort (Hypericum) as an herbal preparation, can lift depression, but a larger dose can cause anxiety in the anxiety-prone individual. The potentized Hypericum will not have this side effect.

Uriel Aurum lavender rose cream or ointment or oil for adults can be applied to chest or wrists or used as massage oil or bath oil for centering and calming.

Uriel Malva Tiliae Body Oil  can be used when exhaustion is part of the anxiety picture, for adults in the bath or as body oil.

Uriel Hypericum bryophyllum for adults 10 pellets or drops three times per day before meals orally helps with daytime anxiety and mild depression.

Uriel Bryophyllum Avena  helps with evening anxiety and sleeplessness; for adults,10 drops 3-4 times per day orally.

Weleda Pharmacy Sedative pillules may help with anxiety; for adults, 15 pillules four times per day orally.

Amino acids can be of value for anxiety; see Trudy Scott The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution and Julia Ross The Mood Cure.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Weleda by prescription Bryophyllum argento culta 1% liquid is valuable for daytime anxiety.

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The potency of gold (Aurum) is important. Higher potencies (such as 17x, 20x, 30x) lift a person out of depression. Occasionally an aggravation is seen with 30x potency, and the depression gets worse before it gets better; this is not pleasant, and makes 17x or 20x potencies more widely useful. Middle potencies, such as 10 x or 12x, are centering — generally helpful to all anxiety, and sometimes depression as well. The low potencies, 6x, are ‘downers’ so to speak, in pulling the person who tends toward mania back into him/herself.

As you can see, correct potency choice is important and a trained provider is key to success and safety.

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The Anti-anxiety food solution, Scott CN, Trudy, New Harbinger Publications, 2011.

The Mood Cure, Ross, Julia, Viking Penguin, 2002.

True Botanica +1 800 315 TRUE (8783) (in USA)  +1 262 912 0970 (outside USA)

Uriel Pharmacy +1 866 642 2858 (in USA)  +1 262 642 2858 (outside USA)

Weleda  +1 800 241  1030 (in USA and to obtain contact info outside USA)

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