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The human being keeps the opposites of inflammation and sclerosis (hardening) in balance, in order to be healthy. But as we age, the sclerotic (hardening) tendency is more pronounced. (Children, by contrast, tend to have more inflammatory — feverish — illnesses, and do not get hardening of the arteries like adults do.)

Physical health in later life depends on cultivating soul health, not being consumed with solely material interests.  This means  having interest in life itself, being engaged, continuing to learn, meeting challenges, not being passive. This redirects the life forces


Arteriosclerosis is one of the major signs of this sclerotic or hardening tendency. The blood supply lessens most notably to the heart, kidneys, brain and feet. These organs function below their full capacity, and can require conventional medication, or surgery if the deterioration is advanced. Some people are more genetically disposed to hardening of the arteries than others.

The total cholesterol level in the blood is avidly followed by conventional medicine, but stronger predictors of circulatory problems are whether a person smokes, is overweight or sedentary, is chronically stressed, has high blood pressure, or has blood tests showing elevated high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hs-CRP) or elevated cardiac homocysteine. Women are protected from their family cardiovascular history until about five years after menopause, at which time they may manifest symptoms like the males in their families.

Inflammatory healing crises can prevent sclerosis, if the treatment of these acute illnesses is non-suppressive.  Inflammations, if not truly threatening, can have a beneficial effect on longevity and good health.  See Acute and chronic illness.  Consult a holistic practitioner who can treat these in a non-suppressive way, using good judgment.

It is said that a flexible etheric body can deal better with a hardened physical body. See Etheric Body. This body of habits and life forces is fed by a lifestyle that is rhythmic, and includes the arts and beauty. The sense of purpose which gives meaning to our lives often includes spirituality and service to others, and imbues the other bodies with healing forces.  This helps prevent sclerosis of heart and blood vessels.

Ralph Waldo Emerson stated the most valuable thing is the active soul:  question, learn, and seek.

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The most valuable intervention is prevention.  On the physical side this includes a routine of regular enjoyable exercise of more than one kind, high quality non-GMO foods from all food groups, generally including free-range grass fed animal products, and awareness of stress coupled with rhythm in work and rest.  From the soul-spirit side, a healthy older age is built from a sense of purpose, interest in others, a sense of humor, self-awareness,  and regular involvement with the arts and spirituality in one’s life.

Omega 3’s are known heart- and brain-protective and are anti-inflammatory; the most concentrated source of them is wild salmon of smaller size to avoid mercury buildup. High quality sources of omega 3 supplements include

  • Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Royal for adults two capsules daily orally, or
  • Natura’s Beyond Essential Fats for adults one teaspoon daily orally.

Uriel Birch leaf tea, for adults 2 cups per day to be drunk 4-5 days per week, is anti-aging specifically by handling minerals in a way that avoids deposits. This is valuable for anyone age 40 years and older, most especially if a diagnosis of hardening of the arteries is known.

Uriel Birch juniper syrup is a sweetened version of the birch preparation which has value for kidneys as well as circulation; for adults one teaspoon twice daily orally each springtime, or longer.

Warmth on the lower extremities helps the feet suffering from peripheral arterial disease. Even in summer, socks and closed shoes are needed if the toes are cool to touch or discolored (purple or blue from poor circulation).

Uriel Rose copper ointment for adults a small amount applied to toes and feet at bedtime and covered warmly can warm toes (and fingers) with poor circulation or vasospasm, and is helpful with Raynaud’s phenomenon.  Copper ointment is not to be applied to broken skin.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Arnica Betula A is used at times by practitioners for arteriosclerosis including post-stroke with eye symptoms involved, and Arnica Betula B for arteriosclerosis including post-stroke with ear symptoms involved. Secale Nicotiana has been used by practitioners for peripheral arterial disease. (Uriel Pharmacy)

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Wise treatments come from combining the best of both worlds, allopathic (conventional) medicine and natural medicine.  Find a practitioner who attends to both the physical and spiritual make-up of the human being.

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