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In young children, bedwetting may arise from several factors.  Normal development, urinary tract infection, kidney disease, neurologic problems, and endocrine problems may all contribute to bedwetting, also called enuresis.


In normal development, spinal cord nerves myelinate from the head downward, with the nerves for bowel and bladder control being among the last to completely myelinate.  During normal development, bedwetting resolves spontaneously in 15% of children every year that passes, and most children stop bedwetting by kindergarten.

Bedwetting can be a ‘normal’ delay of myelination in some boys until as late as 12 yr old.  At age 12 years, approximately 2% of boys may still have this normal delay of myelination and bedwetting symptoms.

In anthroposophic medicine, a provider evaluates the warmth of the patient,  stress level, bowel habits, and the individual’s constitution..  In addition the presence of other causes, such as infection or neurologic or endocrine problems, must be considered.

Warmth of the lower extremities is important for bedwetting symptoms and must be considered regardless of cause.

The legs often go unclothed, and sometimes children sleep without pajamas.   Loss of warmth alone is sometimes sufficient to cause bedwetting. One must however get an accurate diagnosis as discussed.

We humans did not grow fur and our skin is susceptible to loss of warmth especially in children with higher body surface to mass ratio. Warm lower extremities are a help to assure normal pelvic and abdominal organ function. The importance of this cannot be overstated.

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Insulating the body at bedtime with wool or wool silk or silk long johns, and socks if needed, creates a cocoon of warmth.  In this cocoon of warmth, there is less likelihood of bedwetting, and greater likelihood of sound sleep.

A bed mattress that is covered with a sheepskin mattress cover, or a wool blanket, insulates the mattress, so the person doesn’t give away body heat as he/she rolls to a new spot in the bed, to a cotton or synthetic or boxspring fabric that does not hold heat.

A hot water bottle on the tummy or by the legs/feet at night brings warmth and an emotional ‘nest warmth’ supporting feelings of protection and being cared for.

An individual’s constitution may indicate a remedy of value.

For example, a child with a so-called ‘hysteric’ constitution is more youthful appearing, round and less incarnated into the lower part of their body. This may be seen in the way the child sits, stands and walks.  A remedy that may be helpful here would be one containing Hypericum, Kalium, and Phos, in addition to the warmth considerations above.

By contrast, a person with a so-called ‘neurasthenic’ constitution, tends to be thinner or more formed for their age and may be more susceptible to feeling stress. These children may hold onto their urine all day, will not urinate voluntarily at school and may have daytime accidents. A constitutional treatment should be considered here.

With either constitutional trend, a child with history of abuse or and subsequent bedwetting may benefit from a remedy containing bryophyllum.

For most cases of primary isolated enuresis, therapeutic eurythmy works wonders at resolving the problem. A specific, active, modified “F” form movement is used for treatment. If the child is practicing with the parents at home as a fun game, this issue may only require 2-3 sessions with a theurapeutic eurythmist as a stand alone treatment.    See Eurythmy therapy.

Hypericum oil small amount rubbed on the thighs in a downward direction at bedtime for a approximately two months, in conjunction with the above, creates a new habit in the body, of being able to hold the urine.  Uriel Pharmacy Hypericum oil 5%, and Avena Botanicals Hypericum oil.

Homeopathic hypericum also benefits this condition, used as a low potency constitutional treatment over some months to one year.

Uriel Hypericum Kali Phos pellets for adults ten pellets 3-4 times per day orally.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Your pediatric practitioner may advise using the homeopathic remedy one pellet per year of age up to age ten, four times daily orally.

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It is important to see your practitioner to make certain there is no urinary tract infection, kidney disease, neurologic disease, or endocrine disturbance causing the symptoms. Supporting the treatment of bedwetting as listed above does not treat these disorders.

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