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Bone formation is a living process in humans and higher animals, with ongoing creation and destruction of bone. This is in contrast to lower animals, like oysters, who expel calcium to create a shell, and leave it there permanently. Human bones are always ‘under construction.’


The people most prone to osteoporosis are fair-complected women with small bone structure whose hair turns over half grey by forty years of age.  DEXA bone density scans are commonly done on women at age 65 (earlier if there are symptoms of bone loss) to detect osteopenia and osteoporosis.   Men are less prone to osteoporosis.

Anyone, male or female, who has had steroid medications especially as a child is more prone to osteoporosis.  If teenage nutrition is poor, bone density is undermined, making osteoporosis more likely later in life.

Widespread lack of vitamin D today sets a stage for weak bones, named ‘osteopenia’ when mild, and ‘osteoporosis’ when more significant. Osteoporosis is related to increased hip and vertebral (spine) fractures, especially as people grow older.

Use of bisphosphonates (the most common prescription drugs for osteoporosis) has been associated with necrosis (death) of bone tissue in the jawbone, and inflammation, sometimes severe, of the esophagus.

Calcium requirements are increased with pregnancy and lactation.  Excessive calcium may cause calcium deposits in the kidneys and other tissues:  more calcium supplementation is not necessarily better.

Homeopathic calcium guides the body in using calcium in the most efficient way.  A homeopath likened the nutritional supplements to the members of an orchestra, and the homeopathic remedy, or living herbal remedy, to the conductor.  There is music (health) when orchestra members and conductor are both present and working together.

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Weight-bearing exercise strengthens bones.

Calcium in our diet may be counted as follows: each serving of green vegetables (1 cup cooked, 2 cups raw) or digestible dairy (1 cup yogurt or milk, or 4 ounces cheese) provides approximately 250 mg of calcium. Four servings total per day assures adequate calcium (approximately 1000 mg per day) without taking additional calcium supplements.

Other important nutrients for bone strength are Vitamin K (greens again!), boron (plant foods), fish oils (omega 3’s), probiotics (fermented foods), and strontium.

The following three products function as homeopathically-prepared guides (conductors) for calcium and mineral metabolism (the orchestra) as a whole.  They are useful during the times critical to bone growth: pregnancy, age 1-7 yr, and can also be used as part of treating osteoporosis.

  • True Botanica True Live Reservoir for adults 1/8 teaspoon three times daily orally.  This may be used daily with meals throughout adult life.
  • Uriel Osteodoron AM and Osteodoron PM for adults Osteodoron AM in the morning for adults 1/8 tsp orally, and the PM in the evening for 1/8 tsp orally.
  • Weleda Calciodoron AM and Calciodoron PM for adults Calciodoron AM in the morning 1/8 teaspoon orally, and Calciodoron PM in the evening 1/8 teaspoon orally.

Physical calcium is provided by True Botanica Calcium AM PM, for adults one capsule per missed serving of greens or dairy assists in providing needed calcium.

Uriel Agaricus Phosphorous for adults 10 pellets four times per day orally.  This remedy strengthens osteoporotic bones.  It is commonly used over a long period of time, eg 2 years; for example, from one bone density scan to the next.

Uriel Symphytum Stannum for adults 10 pellets four times per day orally, helps heal fractures, used for the duration of the fracture healing (usually 6 wk).

Vital Nutrients Strontium, a relative of calcium, taken as supplement 227 mg per day for adults, is known to support bone strength.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Your practitioner may suggest Agaricus Phosphorous adminstered by subcutaneous injection twice monthly,. If a particular bone is at risk, the Agaricus Phosphorous can be combined with an organ preparation for that bone, eg Femur D9 or Vertebra Lumbalis D6 (Uriel Pharmacy).

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Food quality can limit availability of nutrients including calcium. Agribusiness farming commonly does not remineralize the soil, so green foods that should have calcium often do not. Pasteurization of milk denatures the protein making it less digestible. Seek organic and biodynamic vegetables and raw organic milk as often as possible.

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