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Eyes are quartz-like, transmitting light to the receptive brain to create meaningful images.


The eye is very much an extension of the brain, and lacks the life forces of other organs. Healing is more limited.

Modern surgical and technology-based techniques are miraculous in treating this physics-like apparatus of sight using discoveries made through the science of physics.

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Goji berries and bilberries are known to support eye health.

Support can be gained for tolerating as well as healing from procedures and for preventing further problems by using the following anthroposophic remedies.

Hauschka Eye Solace are pads moistened with eyebright, fennel, chamomille, black tea, which are applied to both eyes during rest period repeatedly to rebuild vitality.

Hauschka Eye Solace pads for adults applied to both (closed) eyes during 30 minute rest period as needed.

True Botanica’s Chrysolith Pentas provides the gemstone (chrysolith) which supports all eye structures and functions. It may be used to keep eyes healthy preventively or support healing if there is an abnormality of the eyes.

True Botanica Chrysolith Pentas for adults use 20 drops three times daily orally.

Longevity Science Visual Ocuity eye drops with carnitine for adults 1-2 drops in the affected eye daily.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Uriel’s Bambusa Formica drops may be used under practitioner’s guidance for cataract situations. A number of eyedrops are available by Prescription from Weleda Pharmacy. Weleda’s Prunus fructus ointment (Rx) may be applied in a sideways figure 8 on the bony orgit around the eye, following the eyebrow outward and dipping under one eye, crossing at bridge of the nose to the other eyebrow and following it over and under the second eye. A sparing amount is applied at bedtime to rebuild the vitality of aging eyes.

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Eyes are precious – sensitivity to light and tenderness of the eyeball or acute pain requires immediate medical attention.

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Dr. Hauschka products

Longevity Science Products available online eg

True Botanica +1 800 315 TRUE (8783) (in USA)  +1 262 912 0970 (outside USA)

Uriel Pharmacy +1 866 642 2858 (in USA)  +1 262 642 2858 (outside USA)

Weleda  +1 800 241  1030 (in USA and to obtain contact info outside USA)

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