Hauschka artistic therapy

May 11, 2014 | Posted in Aging, Anthroposophic Therapies, Digestion / Liver, Heart / Circulation, Living Earth, Men's Health, Mind / Mood, Women's Health

What is Illness?  What is the relationship of Art to the Healing Process? As human beings we are three-fold: we have a Physical Body, a Soul-the seat of our feelings and habits-and a Spirit. Illness manifests when the harmonious relationship

Stroke (CVA)

October 16, 2013 | Posted in Head / Nervous System, Heart / Circulation

‘Time is brain’ is the caution advised when a stroke may be occurring: Act Fast, get to the nearest certified stroke center.

Shock, emotional

October 12, 2013 | Posted in Heart / Circulation, Men's Health, Mind / Mood, Pediatrics, Women's Health

When a person endures an unexpected experience, the finer, or less physical aspects of the human make-up — the Ego (or Self or I), the soul (or astral body) and the life forces (or etheric body)– are jolted, along with

Warmth and health

September 18, 2013 | Posted in Cancer, Heart / Circulation, Immune System, Living Earth, Mind / Mood, Nutrition, Pediatrics

Warmth is related to the element fire. All the other elements — earth, air, water — are easily bounded. Warmth goes through boundaries. This is no surprise when you think of the love (emotional warmth/fire) you feel for your family

Warmth Organism

September 18, 2013 | Posted in Blood / Lymph, Cancer, Concepts in Anthroposophic Medicine, Heart / Circulation, Immune System, Inflammations / Infections

Part of the wonder of anthroposophic medicine is meeting concepts that match experiences we have had, but never before had words for. The warmth organism is one example.    It is very useful to holistic practitioners to work with the idea


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