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Choreocosmos, which means cosmic dance, is–like eurythmy–spiritual activity based in movement.


This sacred dance form arises from eurythmy (which means “beautiful, harmonious movement”). Rudolf Steiner brought forth eurythmy as an art form (in 1911). (See Eurythmy – therapeutic, Eurythmy – performance.)
Choreosocmos is a specific application and extension of Eurythmy, brought forth by Robert Powell, PhD. It may be a group or an individual practice; it is a method to deepen one’s sacred connection between bodily movement and the movement of etheric forces streaming from the cosmos.

To those unfamiliar with eurythmy and choreocosmos, they  can be understood in comparison with the ancient Taoist movement practices called qigong, and t’ai chi. These well-known practices of moving life energy have stood the test of time. Modern Westerners have come to understand and value that these ancient practices are methods for circulating and balancing essential (chi) energy.

Choreocosmos calls this circulating life force (chi) etheric streaming. When done in movement, each gesture activates the life forces weaving in the creative spheres around the earth. The forms and patterns of the Choreocosmos movements represent the creative streaming of the zodiacal constellations and the movement patterns of the planets.  For example, the Moon gesture mirrors the Moon’s gift of reflection, describing a stilling of the waters, necessary for true reflection.*

In Choreocosmos one may have an experience of coming to know oneself in relation to the movement in all of life and to grand cosmic order. Through sacred dance we may come to share the deep experience of movement shared with all parts of life be it a river, the wind, the planets, a baby, or another dancer.

Choreocosmos can activate and work to further harmonize the thinking, feeling, and will realms.

During movement, the human being activates his/her will. Thus, the practice of choreocosmos can become a delightful and effective training of the will force.

Carefully chosen music from the great classical composers correlating with specific dances, lifts the individual’s inner experience of the Choreocosmos movements. This beautiful music activates, elevates, and satisfies the feeling realm.

Choreocosmos is often practiced in a group with opportunity for relevant discussion of the mysteries underlying sacred texts and the cosmos to engage the thinking realm. Whether practiced in a group or as an individual endeavor, there is much to ponder in grasping ones’ individual (microcosmic) relationship to the greater macrocosm––the cosmos.

Choreocosmos is led by a graduate of Dr. Powell’s School for Choreocomos or someone formally trained in both Eurythmy and Choreocosmos. People of all ages and abilities may participate in Choreocosmos.

Out of the harmony of feeling, built from moving harmoniously with other humans, a community is built. This sacred sense of community, in deep contact with the earth, the cosmos and all of life, satisfies a deep hunger in humanity.

Choreocosmos has the capacity to satisfy the human longing for healthful community, grounded in Holy Awe for the sacredness of Life. It is a metamorphosis of ancient temple dances, uniquely suitable for contemporary seekers.  An experience that combines healthy thinking, feeling, willing, and human community is a source of healing that is needed today.

Who would not want to move like an angel, or associate with the creative force of the Sun, or the stars, and in so doing with others, bring ourselves into association with the peace and love of an ordered cosmos? It is no wonder users of Choreocosmos, like users of T’ai Ch’ih, say ‘It changed my life.’

* Cosmic Dances of the Planets, Lacquanna Paul & Robert Powell, Sophia Foundation Press, 2007, p 46.  Print This Post Print This Post




Cosmic Dances of the Planets, Lacquanna Paul & Robert Powell, Sophia Foundation Press, 2007

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