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Congested and/or runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, swollen glands, feverishness, and feeling of malaise (being unwell) are our shared experience of the ‘common cold.’
Acute illness is an exercise class for the immune system, and is best treated in a non-suppressive way. It is not a sign of immune breakdown, it is a chance for strengthening.  See Acute and chronic illness.



The big three (Basics for Acute Illness) to help the body do its best in fighting acute illness are: WARMTH, REST, and CLEANSING.

Add a few low potency homeopathic remedies and herbs, and you can support the body in this important immune work, not simply suppress symptoms.

The home remedy kit (see Home Remedy Kit) can include remedies you have found most helpful for your family. Often a person finds from experience that Echinacea does (or does not) reliably work for him/her. Similarly with other remedies, such as Elderberry, or Astragalus.

The person(s) around a sick patient can be powerful medicine. The inner state we carry to our sick family members ideally would be attentive to them, peaceful, positive. The senses should not be overloaded with noise and other stimulation.

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Check the sick person for warm fingers, toes, flanks, and dress to maintain this consistent body temperature using natural fabrics (they breathe and do not trap heat).  (Warmth)  See also Warmth and health.

Cancel activites and responsibilities as much as possible, and let the unconscious immune system have center stage to do its healing work.  Recognize that using the eyes on screens (TV, computer, phone, etc.) is not rest because the eyes are an extension of the brain.  Rest includes nervous system rest.  Live like a healthy kindergartener.  We cannot think ourselves through a common cold to health.  The immune work is unconscious.  (Rest)  See Innate immunity.

Eat lightly, drink warm and hot liquids generously, and have one more than your usual number of bowel movements daily during the acute illness. (Cleansing)

Chamomile inhalation hydrates and soothes the respiratory tract and opens up congested airways.

Generally, a person can combine homeopathic iron (from the metal family) with  a remedy from the plant family as immune strengthener.

Iron phosphate in low potency safely activates the immune system in the respiratory tract:

  • Uriel Ferrum phos 6 for adults 1/8 teaspoon three to four times per day orally.
  • Weleda Ferrum phos 6x Tablets for adults one tablet four times per day orally.

Immune strengtheners from plant families:

  • True Botanica Astragalus Pentas for adults 20 drops three times per day orally provides general immune strengthening; or 
  • True Botanica Elderberry Thyme Syrup for adults 2 teaspoons 3-4 times per day orally, or
  • Uriel pharmacy Echinacea Thuja for adults ten pellets four times per day orally or
  • Weleda Echinacea 1x for adults 7 drops in ½ teaspoon of water four times daily orally or
  • Weleda Echinadoron for adults one tablet four times a day orally.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Weleda prescription Echinacea compound is a favorite of some practitioners as part of treating the common cold.

Homeopathic preparations specific for common cold symptoms:

  • Weleda Cinnabar comp works rapidly for the garden variety head cold with sore throat, used for adults 1/8 teaspoon orally four times a day for three days then stop.
  • Uriel Cinnabar Dandelion for adults 10 pellets 3-4 times daily orally.


For a person who gets repeated head colds or sore throat or mouth/sinus/teeth issues:

  • True Botanica Throat Defense for adults ¼ teaspoon 1-3 times daily orally provides the good bacteria specific to the mouth and throat.  
  • There could also be constitutional or lifestyle issues which need to be addressed with the healthcare practitioner.
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Any symptoms that grow worse or do not improve require medical attention.

The younger a person is, and the sicker they are, the more closely they must be supervised.  The elderly and ill are also more vulnerable.

Common cold symptoms can be the first stage of another illness, such as whooping cough. Be attentive to what is being passed around in your neighborhood.

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