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A ‘bruise to the brain’ occurs with head trauma, and may be accompanied by loss of consciousness, headache, nausea, sense of imbalance or disorientation, fatigue, and loss of memory. Repeated head trauma can cause permanent brain damage and loss of cognitive function.


The classic remedy for trauma is arnica montana, a member of the daisy family which grows at the treeline on mountaintops.

At the treeline, arnica montana grows exposed to the battering of wind and storm. In the classic homeopathic sense, we can see ‘like treats like’ as arnica for centuries has been used to address trauma comprehensively.

Rest is an important part of letting the concussion heal.  Re-injury can occur if a person returns to work or athletics not-quite-ready. The period of recovery for concussion is best held at one month before resumption of full activities.

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Head compress with arnica often provides relief.  Arnica essence (Uriel or Weleda), diluted approximately 1:10 in water, is used to wet the hair of the person with head trauma. The hair of the person becomes the compress cloth, so the solution is close on the scalp. The wet hair is covered with a wool knit cap and worn for up to 8 hours. It may be refreshed and worn continuously early after concussion. Decrease the length of compress time and frequency of use as the person improves.

Oral arnica in low potency complements the topical treatment.

  • True Botanica Arnica Pentas for adults 20 drops three times daily orally.
  • Uriel Arnica Echinacea for adults 10 pellets four times daily orally.
  • Weleda Pharmacy Arnica 3x or 6x for adults 7 drops in 1/2 teaspoon water orally four times daily.

See Trauma.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Your practitioner may advise you to use oral arnica hourly close to the time of trauma, decreasing frequency as symptoms improve.

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Head trauma even with minor symptoms requires medical examination to evalute whether imaging is needed, such as CT scan of the head.

If the trauma includes a laceration, this should be cleaned, evaluated for its depth and the need for stitches, and consideration of tetanus immunization status made.  Tetanus immunization tends to last beyond the 5-10 year period we commonly hear as the interval for booster.
The worse the symptoms, the more urgent the care needed.

The saying: Time is brain is a valuable guideline stating the importance of quick response to neurological symptoms, in preserving mental function. Better to have gone to the doctor’s office or ER and be dismissed healthy than to not go and miss a serious issue.

Any person with head injury is watched for 24 hours, fed lightly, and waked up once during the night to determine responsiveness. Physician guidance in gradual return to activity should be followed.

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