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Inflammation of the external layer of the eyeball itself is called conjunctivitis.


Conjunctivitis can occur from simple allergy, or viral or bacterial infection, to name the most common.

When we see the full-blown bloodshot eyes with creamy or green colored discharge, it could be classic pinkeye which is quite contagious. It is a responsible act to stay home until effective treatment is underway. Children cannot be as careful as adults about watching where the hands go after they rub the irritated discharging eyes, so they more easily spread pinkeye.

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Fennel tea compress on the closed eye which is inflamed is a supportive treatment to whatever primary treatment is chosen for the viral or bacterial conjunctivitis, whether antibiotic ointment or drops, or homeopathic treatment prescribed by practitioner.

Make tea (boil fennel seeds for 3-7 minutes and cool the solution so as to not burn the skin).  Dip a clean disposable cotton gauze 2” x 2” or cotton ball into the tea, squeeze it so it’s not drippy, and hold it over the closed eye. Be careful that the tea is not too hot; fingers tolerate more heat more than eyelids. Discard the compress material when it has cooled to body temperature.  Repeat with another fresh cotton gauze or cotton ball and apply it to the closed inflamed eye. Continue compressing with fresh gauze / cotton ball each time until the tea has lots its heat.

Occasionally compresses alone are enough to clear a mild infectious conjunctivitis.

The compress removes discharge from the eye, and brings circulation to the area. When the eye drop or ointment is applied after the compress, it is absorbed better. Fennel tea compresses could be used before each application of eyedrop or eye ointment.

Chamomile tea can be used for (closed) eye compresses also, but the fennel plant is high in silica (quartz) which transmits light as does the eye, so fennel is first choice when available. Infectious discharge, an overabundance of matter, gives way to the dissolving power of light.

Another supportive treatment for conjunctivitis is Uriel Conjunctiva Argentum pellets for adults ten pellets four times per day orally. given hourly when symptoms are intense, decreasing frequency as symptoms improve.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Practitioners may give treatments every two hours when symptoms are intense, decreasing frequency as symptoms improve.  Eye drops from Weleda Pharmacy (prescription) or Uriel Pharmacy can be very effective in place of antibiotic eye drops or ointment: Echinacea Argentum, or Mercurialis D3, or Euphrasia D3 eye drops. Allergic conjunctivitis responds well to Weleda Pharmacy (prescription) Gencydo Eyedrops or Uriel Pharmacy Citrus Cydonia 1% eye drops.

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Caution is required with the eye, which has less circulation and healing potential than other organs.

If there is eye pain or light sensitivity (photophobia), see MD/DO immediately.

If there is no eye pain or photophobia but natural treatments do not result in improvement in 24 hours, or if worsening occurs in spite of treatment over several hours, seek medical help immediately.

Accurate diagnosis is fundamental to choosing correct treatment.

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