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Diaper rash commonly comes from irritation of urine on the skin. The urine may be high in ammonia content.


Prolonged contact with moisture promotes the growth of yeast, especially when antibiotics have been used.

Diaper rash from urine irritation is commonly worse toward the front of the body.   If the stool contains an irritating substance, the rash will be toward the buttocks.  Sometimes an irritating food changes the character of the bowel movement, and a rash results around the anus, toward the back. Careful observation of what was eaten prior to the rash helps find the source. Eliminating the food may eliminate the rash. The child may tolerate the food a few months later, when the gastrointestinal tract is more mature.

Teething can  aggravate the development of diaper rashes. The mouth is the uppermost part of the digestive tract, so the effort of teething is vsible in other parts of the digestive tract.

Too many baths, too much swimming, and water used to clean the diaper area can each deplete oils from the skin, losing a protective barrier against rashes.

Diaper rash is classically what occurs for babies, but elderly, bedridden, or paralyzed persons may have difficulties with urine and bowel control and suffer similar skin breakdown.

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Use oil to cleanse the diaper area instead of water, Weleda Calendula Baby Oil, or pure olive oil on cotton balls.

Weleda Calendula Baby Cream and Weleda Diaper Care Cream (contains zinc oxide) when used routinely will strengthen the skin to tolerate the fluids.

A simple treatment for the rashes which come from moisture is to gently use a hair dryer set on low heat at each diaper change, with great caution to hold it far enough back  so the inflamed skin is not burned. This is important because some of today’s hair dryers are military-strength with very high heat settings. If there is no hair dryer, or it blows too hot, pat the diaper area dry with soft dry cotton cloth, and leave the diaper off for 20 minutes to let the area dry completely. On a warm day, diapers may be omitted for at least part of the time with good benefit to the skin. Cloth diapers breathe more than disposable diapers.

The rash from high urine ammonia has an old-time treatment which works with cloth diapers. Wash and rinse the diapers as usual. Before drying them, put the clean moist cloth diapers in a bucket of apple cider vinegar to soak for an hour. Wring them out, or spin them in the washing machine (don’t rinse and spin, only spin), then dry them without rinsing out the vinegar. The vinegar is a mild acid. Vinegar in tiny amounts remains in the cloth of the diaper, and when the high – ammonia urine meets the vinegar, it is neutralized. (chemistry: acid + base (alkali) = water).   The irritating ammonia turns into water when it meets the vinegar.  This is an option for treating the diaper rash from ammoniacal urine.

Alternative natural treatments are valuable which can be used instead of using steroid cream to suppress all skin irritations.
Uriel  Rose Quartz Ointment for delicate damaged skin.
Weleda Diaper Care and  Weleda Baby Cream and a full line of baby care products to safely heal and cleanse baby’s skin.

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Painful bright red raw skin is not a simple diaper rash, even if it is in the diaper area.

A baby’s delicate skin should have high-quality substances applied to it.

Any diaper rash that does not respond quickly must be seen by healthcare practitioner.

The healthcare practitioner’s accurate diagnosis is the foundation for safety and relief of symptoms, and assists in evaluating optimum growth and development of infants.

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Weleda www.weleda.com  +1 800 241  1030 (in USA and to obtain contact info outside USA)

Healing the Skin, Jachens, Lueder, Temple Lodge Press, 2008.

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