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We are told by Rudolf Steiner that digestion is the proper place for violence in the human being.


The formation of stomach acid, hydrochloric acid with pH 2.0, is the most energy-consuming chemical reaction in our body. It is astounding that the stomach tolerates this highly corrosive acidic material. Yet, it does tolerate it and digests protein using this ‘weapon,’ breaking it into peptides, then amino acids, if all goes well.

Amylase in our mouth digests carbohydrates, so the importance of chewing (a mechanical breaking up), mixing saliva with food — no gulping — is readily apparent. Here the starch and complex carbohydrate are broken into simple sugars for absorption.

Fats meet pancreatic secretions, amylase and lipase, which subdivide fats into component parts of fatty acids and glycerol, ready for absorption.

If any organ makes insufficient secretions — salivary glands, stomach, or pancreas — that portion of digestion is incomplete.  The body must then handle an over-large molecule.  This is likely to set off misdirected immune system reactions.

Insufficient ‘violence’ in our mechanical (chewing) and our biochemical (acid and enzymes) parts of digestion results in leaky gut, poor absorption and a multitude of symptoms.

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Bitters enliven the digestive activity and are the first step to restoring full function. They act like a cheerleader (‘Wake up, pancreas! You can do it!),

They are taken 30 min before a meal to prepare digestive juices for the food that is coming. If the system is totally exhausted, bitters will not be sufficient and replacement enzymes (amylase, lipase, pancrease, etc.) are needed for a period of time.

With better digestion and more nutrients available, the body is likely to be able to rebuild itself and the person may not need digestive enzymes indefinitely.

True Botanica Enzymes Plus combines both bitters and enzymes, for adults one or two capsules with each meal.

Uriel Chicory Gentian Bitters for adults  ¼ teaspoon three times daily before meals.

Weleda Amara Drops for adults  7 drops in ½ teaspoon of water before meals.


For digestive disturbances:

Uriel and Weleda both provide Kalium Aceticum cp for adults, 1/8 teaspoon 3-4 times daily orally.


To treat nausea and exhaustion with herbal concentrates:

Uriel Aquavit Etheric Energizer for adults, 10 drops 3-4 times per day orally.

Weleda Melissengeist for adults, 7 drops in ½ teaspoon of water 3-4 times daily orally


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Digestive symptoms need evaluation and diagnosis. Natural remedies though effective do not cure every serious disease process.

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