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Ear ache commonly is found to be due to ear inflammation more accurately than an actual ear infection.


The official diagnostic name for ear drum inflammation is Otitis Media.  On physical exam, the ear drum (tympanic membrane) is reddened and dull.   It may have pus or fluid behind it as well.

Chill is a predisposing factor to earaches.  The ears cannot shut, like our eyes and mouth can.

Adults do not get ear inflammations as commonly as children do.  Adults are instead prone to sinusitis.  See Sinusitis and eustachian tube dysfunction.

Glue ear is the common name for serous otitis media, a long-lasting collection of fluid behind the ear drums, that can interfere with hearing. This condition may result in the recommendation for ‘tubes’ to be placed through the ear drum, allowing fluid to drain. Glue ear is not associated with fever; it is a ‘cold’ disease in this regard. But glue ear sometimes resolves when warmth is added or the person runs a fever.

Swimmer’s ear (otitis externa) is a bacterial growth in the external ear canal which can often be prevented with use of rubbing alcohol in the ear canal after shower or swimming. This brings more thorough drying of the ear canal

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As with any acute illness, the Basics for acute illness — warmth, rest, and cleansing — support the immune system doing its best to fight the illness, even if no other remedies are used.

Chill is a predisposing factor to earaches, and correcting chill helps treat an existing ear ache, and prevent getting earaches.  We must protect ears from drafts with hat, headband, or hood, to provide warmth.


Acute earache (otitis media)

If an earache occurs ONION COMPRESS can provide relief. A teaching video is at video.sophiamr.com and printable instructions are at Onion ear compress.

  • choose an onion that seriously lets you know it is an onion when you cut it in half.  The volatile substances that make our eyes weep can also make the delicate ear drum gently ‘weep’ and release the built-up fluid causing pressure and pain. It is generally not good to put coldness onto a sick person’s skin.    If both ears hurt, put a compress over each ear. Because a young child approaches the world through imitation, it is often wise to put an onion compress on a parent, an older sib, a teddy bear, so the child accepts the compress more readily.

Acute ear inflammation/infections commonly respond well to a combination of Apis Belladonna and Levisticum radix, both in low potency.

Uriel Apis Belladonna with Uriel Levisticum e rad 3x for adults 10 pellets 4 times daily orally.   The remedies are used for 10 days, with an ear re-check by physician at the end of the ten day period to be sure resolution is complete.

If an adult has an ear inflammation, success is made more likely by adding Uriel Cavum Tympani D8 ampules once a day orally to the above remedies.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Your practitioner may give a prescription for Weleda Erysidoron 1 (Apis Belladonna) and Levisticum rad D2 or 3.  Practitioners may recommend frequent oral use of the remedies if the ear ache is intense.  The frequency is decreased gradually when the symptoms are less intense.


Glue ear (serous otitis media)

See above, regarding protecting the ears from chilling. Uriel Pharmacy Capsicum Chamomilla for adults 10 pellets four times per day orally for a long period of time can assist the resolution of glue ear.  Weleda has a comparable prescription product.  Capsicum is the botanical name for cayenne pepper.  Because it is potentized (homeopathic preparation) it does not sting to take it by mouth.  It does bring the quality of warmth to the stuck fluid of the glue ear.


Swimmer’s ear (otitis externa)
A conventional prescription ear drop (mixture of antifungal and topical steroids) and an ear wick allow good contact with the surface of the canal, and usually quick resolution.  Follow the instructions given by the prescriber.

Ear problems of all kinds may be addressed through constitutional support.  True Botanica Onyx Pentas for adults 20 drops twice daily orally.

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Accurate diagnosis assures an ear ache is only inflammation of the ear drum, not mastoiditis or sinusitis, etc.

The younger the child, the more urgent is careful evaluation.

Headache, visual symptoms, lethargy, or parental intuition that the child is ‘not right’ each urge immediate medical evaluation.

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