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The concept of Earth as a living, breathing organism is widely taking hold in the West, while Eastern and Southern people have long viewed Earth as Mother Nature and as an alive being. 

With the extraordinary feats of science, astronauts were able to objectively behold Earth’s ineffable beauty from afar.  This undeniable beauty made astronauts universally awe-struck when they looked back on it from outer space.  See


Astronaut Edgar Mitchell searched scientific literature and found this shift of consciousness phenomenon explained by the Latin phrase Salva Corpus Amanti, in which physical seeing results in a visceral feeling of ecstasy. The phrase translates as ‘Save the lover’s body.’

Astronauts witnessed from above a panorama of thunderstorms, aurora borealis, clouds, and city lights all  showing over Earth’s darkening half – all moved across the surface of the earth as it turned against the backdrop of dark space. The ‘oasis in infinity’ was alive, beautiful, and fragile, truly a living, breathing organism.

Where, one may ask,  did this masterpiece of life come from?

Furthermore, how does the Earth continue to maintain life, especially in recent decades with the explosion of toxins?

What is our human role as the apparently most intelligent inhabitants on this planet?

These questions suggest the necessity for each of us to make a conscious examination of the relationship between our own soul life and this magnificent being upon which we stand.  Ancients across all cultures, understood many of Earth’s mysteries and spoke of the four elements: fire, air, water, and earth.  According to Rudolf Steiner, they understood how these four elements were eventually formed by high spiritual beings into earth and the life forms on it, including us.

Rudolf Steiner expands the seven days of creation in Genesis into seven very long periods (‘days’) of evolution. These developmental stages are a familiar part of our daily life, as the names of the week. We know them by their correspondence with the planets: Saturday = Saturn, Sunday = Sun, Monday = Moon, Tuesday = Mars, Wednesday = Mercury, Thursday = Jupiter, Friday = Venus.

The mystical invisible hand of the spiritual world in Nature was well known and respected in our ancestors’ times.  For example, Druids linked the health of the forest, mountains, lakes, to nature spirits. Rudolf Steiner expanded this description of the ‘elementals,’ the invisible helpers to Nature.

The feminine aspect of the Deity was often connected with Earth: Mother Earth today, was related to Demeter in Greece, for example. Both the wisdom inherent in nature and the life-giving aspect of nature were characterized by the feminine aspect of the Deity. Rudolf Steiner writes about the relation of Isis, Sophia, Mary and star and nature wisdom. Quan Yin, Pachamama, Athena, Yemaja, are all names around the world of the wise feminine principle which provides life. Teilhard de Chardin writes poetically of this in the “hymn to the eternal feminine”

When the world was born, I came into being.
Before the centuries were made, I issued from the hand of God. . .
God instilled me into the initial multiple as a force of condensation and concentration.
In me is seen that side of beings by which they are joined as one,
In me the fragrance that makes them hasten together and leads them,
freely and passionately, along their road to unity.
Through me, all things have their movement and are made to work as one.
I am the beauty running through the world, to make it associate in ordered groups;
the ideal held up before the world to make it ascend.
I am the Eternal Feminine.
I was the bond that held together the foundations of the universe. . .
I extend my being into the soul of the world. . .
I am the magnetic force of the universal presence and the ceaseless ripple of its smile.
I open the door to the whole heart of creation: I, the Gateway of the Earth, the Initiation. . . . In me, the soul is at work to sublimate the body — Grace to divinize the soul.
Those who wish to continue to possess me must change as I change. . .
It is God who awaits you in me!. . .
If, God, then, was able to emerge from himself,
he had first to lay a pathway of desire before his feet,
he had to spread before him a sweet savor of beauty.
It was then that he caused me to rise up,
a luminous mist hanging over the abyss—between the earth and himself—
that, in me, he might dwell among you. . .
Lying between God and the earth, as a zone of mutual attraction,
I draw them both together in a passionate union.
. . . I am the Eternal Feminine.

In human history, Her feminine wisdom has become less accessible, primarily through unloving deeds and materialism.  We humans are a leading part of the Community of Nature, together with our neighbors the rocks, the plants, the animals, the sky, and all the invisible supports.

Our hands will free Mother Earth of the anti-life burdens she bears. We will free those fundamental primal feminine qualities of the fragrance of human longing for unity, the savor of beauty, the human bond that helps hold the foundations of the world. In doing this work, our hearts build inner strength and freedom. We undo the unloving deeds, and help promote health for future generations.
From the intimate experience of the Earth’s overwhelming beauty and aliveness, people have turned toward urgently-needed action:  Salva corpus amanti (Save the lover’s body).  The Resources section lists links to those who take up this question courageously in different ways.

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