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One hundred years ago when Rudolf Steiner lived, the world endured World War I, and a pandemic of influenza occurred. In the setting of today’s wars, we have the Ebola outbreak. (See Resources:  Pray the Devil Back to Hell, the film.) Steiner’s statements about the nature of infection and epidemics can deepen our understanding and suggest approaches. All quotes are from Rudolf Steiner.



In 1914, Rudolf Steiner said

“people today are haunted by a fear we can compare with the medieval fear of ghosts. It is the fear of germs. … The modern age has lost this belief in the spiritual world; it believes in material things. It therefore has a fear of material beings, be they ever so small….Germs flourish most intensively when we take nothing but materialistic thoughts into sleep with us…(or) live in the center of an epidemic or endemic illness, and (tend) to think of nothing but the sickness all around, filled only with a fear of getting sick….If this fear can be reduced, even a little by, for example, active love and, while tending the sick, forgetting for a time that one might also be infected, the conditions are less favorable for the germs….If people were given thoughts that lead them away from materialism and spur them on to active love out of the spirit, it would serve the future of humanity better.” (Presence of the Dead on the Spiritual Path, May 5, 1914) (italics and emphasis added)


In Spiritual domains the danger of infection is infinitely greater than in any physical domain,” Steiner explains (in Cosmic and Human Metamorphoses: Metamorphoses of soul forces February 13, 1917). (italics and emphasis added)

We can see that the origin of infection in an epidemic occurs on the soul-spiritual level (see Astral body, soul). An emotional state is the first thing that spreads among people.


Steiner goes on to explain in discussing diphtheria:

Infection is due to a person becoming an imitator. Indeed, there is a very delicate sensitivity involved in this imitating. … This is because the human organism, by virtue of its imitative tendency, comes to meet the trouble, adjusting itself in an imitative, receptive way as soon as it ‘perceives’ the diphtheric poison. Hence a psychological rebuke, when it is possible in the initial stages, and psychological support by encouragement may well have a favorable effect.” (Anthroposophical Spiritual Science and Medical Therapy: Lecture V, Dornach April 15, 1921) (italics and emphasis added)


“When the Mongols fell upon the Germans and other Central European peoples, they created a wave of fear and panic. These emotions belong to the astral body, and under such conditions decaying astral substances will flourish. Thus the astral bodies of Europeans became infected and in later generations the infection came out in the physical body, affecting not merely individuals but whole groups of peoples. It emerged as leprosy, that terrible disease which wrought such devastation in the Middle Ages. It was the physical consequence of an influence on the astral body.” (in At the Gates of Spiritual Science, Lecture 7: Workings of the law of karma in human life.) (italics and emphasis added)


“Thus both concepts — of primary origin and of infection — are justified,” (Rudolf Steiner in Spiritual Science and Medicine, lecture 2). (italics and emphasis added)

And naturally:

“We shall see that it is both reasonable to seek out causes of illness, and reasonable too, out of the ordinary consciousness to take hygienic measures against infection, thus hindering the causes of illness.” (Rudolf Steiner in Manifestations of Karma: Karmic Effects Of Our Experiences As Men and Women. Death and Birth In Relationship to Karma, Lecture 9) (italics and emphasis added)

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Neither conventional medicine nor complementary medicine can claim proven prevention or treatment for Ebola.

The fundamental defense built into the human being for fighting contact with any new germ is our Innate immune system (See Innate immunity). This is primarily dependent on nutrition and healthy lifestyle, such as:

  • Cultivate ‘active love’ that focuses positively instead of focusing on the existence of a fearful epidemic; be independent, not imitative, in your life purpose, as a ‘psychological rebuke’ to the germ-ghost, and create ‘encouragement’ as a positive act; humor can be part of this soul medicine.
  • Dress warmly so any viral battle taking place in your body is drawn to the surface, not carried out in the deeper organs
  • Avoid highly processed foods and excessive sugar. Eat organic as much as possible. Avoid GMOs which are pesticide-rich by definition and kill the good gut bacteria. (see Basics for good health)
  • Use fermented foods daily to support healthy gut flora, a part of our defense system. (See Fermented foods) Take probiotics if you have known dysbiosis (abnormal gut bacteria) or have recently used antibiotics.
  • Have available for your family favorite immune strengtheners, including those which are known to fight viruses and inflammation, such as vitamin C, Elderberry, Astragalus, Echinacea, ginger, garlic, cranberry, colloidal silver, turmeric. Some complementary healthcare proponents see the viral hemorrhagic fevers (of which Ebola is one) as scurvy-like, and therefore possibly treatable with high dose vitamin C.
  • Take care to not be deficient in Vitamin D, zinc, omega 3’s, trace minerals – all of which are important nutrients for the Innate immune system
  • True Botanica carries Elderberry thyme syrup, Astragalus pentas, Argentum Colloidum pentas, Curcumin Plus.
  • True Botanica carries Vitamin D Plus, and Trace Minerals.


  • If you are sick, stay home. It is a boundary violation to be in public with an acute illness or fever.
  • Be prepared for isolation resulting from any emergency whether earthquake or quarantine, etc., with stores of water, food, batteries, etc.


Silver Silver helps to maintain and strengthen the life forces of the physical body.

Quartz (silica)  brings light, form and structure to resist the dissolving effect of the inflammatory Ebola process.

Stibium (antimony)  strengthens the blood against the hemorrhagic effect of Ebola.

Aurum (gold)  has a balancing—harmonizing effect on the circulation and strengthens the heart.

Ferrum (iron) strengthens the fabric of both the body and the soul against the dissolving and fear provoking effect of Ebola.  Low potency Ferrum can be seen as working on the blood against the sulfuric hemorrhagic tendency, and the 20x and 30x Ferrum working in the soul against the fear and terror.

Arnica is  healing for the dissolving, traumatizing—injurious effect of Ebola on body and soul.

Homeopathic preparation (potentization) releases the beneficial qualities sought.

The trace minerals provide a scaffolding for the ego organization to guide the orderly function of the human astral, etheric, and physical bodies (see Ego/Self/I, Astral body, soul, Etheric body, Physical body, Picture of the human being).

Uriel Echinacea Thuja pellets address infection in general, and contains argentum (silver) and quartz (silica),  for adults 10 pellets orally 3-4 times per day

Uriel Argentum Quartz pellets also address infection, for adults 10 pellets orally 3-4 times per day or

from True Botanica Argentum 30x pellets used with Quartz 30x pellets for adults 3-5 pellets of each orally 3 times per day

Uriel Meteoric Iron/Prunus pellets contains Echinacea and addresses infection, for adults 10 pellets orally 3-4 times per day

Uriel Meteoric Iron/Phosphorus/Quartz pellets helps lessen anxiety and feel sense of inner direction, for adults 10 pellets orally 3-4 times per day or

from True Botanica Ferrum met 6x (against hemorrhage) or Ferrum met 30x (against fear), for adults 3-5 pellets orally 3 times per day.

Uriel Stibium 6x  or Cichorium Stibium for adults 10 pellets orallyt 3-4 times per day., or Vitis Stibium tablets for adults 1-2 tablets 3-4 times per day.

Uriel Aurum Lavender Rose Cream (or oil, or ointment) calms anxiety used as topical application to chest, wrists, or the oil in a bath.

Uriel Aurum Hypericum  or Arnica Aurum 6/10 or Aurum Prunus or Aurum Onopordon  or Onopordon Aurum for adults 10 pellets orally 3-4 times per day.

True Botanica Arnica 6x for adults 5 pellets 3 times per day

True Botanica Aurum 6x  for adults 5 pellets 3 times per day.

True Botanica Trace Minerals for adults, 20 drops orally 3 times per day.

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Always work with a trained healthcare provider when there is a question of a serious contagious illness.

Diagnosis is the first step, and diagnosis of ebola is not easy. Here is a thorough medical article which will be updated as new information is available: http://www.uptodate.com/contents/epidemiology-pathogenesis-and-clinical-manifestations-of-ebola-and-marburg-virus-disease

Natural treatments are supportive and are not meant to exclude use of conventional treatments which are foundational and lifesaving.

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All articles referencing Rudolf Steiner’s statements may be found at: www.rsarchive.org. A search for ‘infection’ is useful.

Herbal resources from Donnie Yance (Mederi Foundation): http://www.donnieyance.com/herbal-protection-acute-viral-infections/

Medical article on Ebola:

Pray the Devil Back to Hell, the film  http://praythedevilbacktohell.com/ documents Liberian women’s peace movement in the midst of today’s wars in Africa.

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