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When we change our diet significantly, the bacteria in our intestine change too. Sometimes gas (flatulence) results.


Once we have gotten acquainted with our new inhabitants, things settle down, until another significant dietary shift occurs.

Probiotics are best started gradually in order not to make acute the battle between the old and the new bacteria in the intestine.

Flatulence is often a sign of a mismatch between the food that is taken in, and the digestive capacity of that person to handle that food.
This could be related to the amount eaten, the constitutional strength of the person, or the timing of eating.

‘Moderation in all things’ is credited to the Greeks, but whoever said it, it applies to healthy eating. Even though super-size is available for only a few cents extra, stick with moderate portions for optimal health.

High quality food (which depends on healthy farming practices) is the foundation of good health.  See Biodynamic farming.

Even with this, some people constitutionally have weak production of digestive juices, and disordered motility. Careful chewing of food and taking time to sit down and eat are important (see Diet and Nutrition).

Consciousness while chewing is an important part of digestion that is often overlooked. Watching tv, reading or being on the computer while eating distracts from your digestion process. Give your meal the space and time it deserves.

Food combinations can be important for some people with sensitive systems. In general, proteins and fats should be eaten before sweets. Proteins and fats require the greatest biochemical effort by the body: the stomach produces strong hydrochloric acid at a very low pH (2.0) to initiate protein digestion. Enzymes requiring an alkaline environment are the next step in the body’s digestion process. When a soda or fruit juice is taken before a meal, the sugar message to the stomach is ‘it’s only us simple carbs, the big guys can go home.’ So the body is not prepared for the steak or other protein and fat that follows the sweet foods.

Timing of eating contributes to flatulence, as our metabolism has more vitality in the morning. The standard American supper (the heaviest meal of the day) is asking more of the digestive tract than it was designed to do late in the day. Simply eating in a proper rhythm, with heavy food early in the day, and supper the lightest meal of the day, can eliminate a great deal of flatulence problems.

Repeated antibiotics contribute to sluggish (hypotonic or atonic) gut function.

The blood from the lower extremities comes up to the abdominal area, so keeping the legs warm is important for any abdominal complaints, including flatulence. If blood comes into the abdomen just a few tenths of a degree below 98.6 degrees, the body must first warm the blood before it can begin its work of digesting and healing. This extra effort can be too much for a delicate digestion. Socks, closed shoes, boots, long johns, pants, and long skirts are all friends to the healthy digestion. See Warmth and health.

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Bitters strengthen digestive organs that are slightly weak, ideally taken 20-30 minutes before each meal:
Avena Botanicals Bitters tonic for adults 5-10 drops before meals orally
True Botanica Gentian Pentas for adults 20 drops before meals orally
Uriel Chicory Ginger Bitters for adults ¼ teaspoon before meals orally
Weleda Amara Drops for adults 10 drops before meals orally.

If symptoms continue despite using bitters, then digestive enzymes may be needed for a period of time, to do the work of the exhausted organs (stomach, pancreas). True Botanica Enzymes Plus for adults one-two capsules with each meal orally. After some months, the body may be stronger from having better absorption, and the enzymes may be stopped.

Specific for gas and diarrhea, Uriel Carbo Chamomilla powder for adults ¼ teaspoon 3-4 times per day or as capsules for adults 1-2 capsules 3-4 times per day.

Uriel and Weleda Kalium Aceticum cp powder for adults ¼ teaspoon 3-4 times per day addresses digestive symptoms including flatulence.

Topically Weleda Oxalis ointment for adults small amount rubbed clockwise on the abdomen as needed, covered warmly. Uriel Oxalis Cream 5x or Rose copper ointment are used the same way: for adults small amount rubbed clockwise on the abdomen as needed, covered warmly. Use ointments rhythmically, at the same time of day, for best result.

Therapeutic eurythmy addresses flatulence and other digestive issues with good benefit.  See Eurythmy therapy.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Caraway oil dispersion baths done in a series strengthen the weak digestive system. A complete digestive stool analysis, such as Genova’s CDSA 2.0,  or GIfx test, evaluates pancreatic enzyme production, gut inflammation, and health of gut microbial flora.

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Flatulence with other abdominal symptoms could signify a serious abdominal condition.  Please check with your healthcare provider quickly if flatulence is combined with abdominal pain, vomiting, weight loss, blood in the bowel movements, or change in bowel pattern.

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