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The conventional prescription treatment, Tamiflu, is derived from the plant star anise.


There is a common sequence of flu (influenza) symptoms:  drying of the mucous membranes, temperature rise, chilliness, pain in the muscles and bones, and a deep sense of weakness, malaise, and lack of motivation.  Children often have vomiting and diarrhea.

The onset of flu symptoms can follow an exposure to coldness especially in children.  The change from summer warmth to a cold season challenges us to create warmth from within ourselves.  (See Warmth and health.)

The unfolding flu symptoms show the activity of different members of the human being.  For instance, temperature rise is the warmth response of the ego organization (see Ego/Self/I) to the initial coldness.  The marked pain is from the over-involvement of the astral body (see Astral body/Soul) in the physical processes.

The anthroposophic doctor attempts to understand these processes to choose remedies which do not suppress symptoms, but re-create balance.

“Flu” is the name we often give to seasonal coughs and colds, though it is a distinct illness.  It can range from mild to severe, with complications such as pneumonia or encephalitis.  The elderly and young children are most at risk for serious complications from the influenza virus.  The physician’s task is to time treatments in accordance with the severity of the symptoms, and the strength or weakness of the patient.

The flu pandemic of 1914 killed many people, and occurred in the setting of World War I.  See Ebola and anthroposophic medicine, to learn about the role fear plays in epidemics.



The powerful effect of inflammation and fever is to increase catabolism (breakdown and discharge) that allows restructuring and strengthening the human organism.  Inflammation and fever are not to be suppressed automatically, but modulated (see Inflammation / Infection, to be published).

Risk of melanoma falls by about 20% when a person has flu with low grade fever, and falls by 35% with higher fever (Kolmel as reported in  Soldner, p. 119).



Currently flu shots are recommended from 6 months of age till death on an annual basis, sometimes two doses per year.  Some physicians have recommended caution with repeated flu vaccines for the following reasons:

1. each dose of flu vaccine contains 23 micrograms of mercury, except for the nasal flu vaccine which is reserved for pregnant women. This is a sizeable dose of mercury to receive once or twice yearly lifelong, and from any other source than a vaccine it would be called excessive.

2. each dose of any vaccine causes temporary brain inflammation. Neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock MD has written discouraging yearly flu vaccines over age 55 yr, because he feels we will create a nation of Alzheimers’ patients.

Brain inflammation also comes from other chemical exposure (pesticides, MSG, etc.) which are frequent enough that we may be enduring repeated brain inflammations.  When there is repeated stimulus for temporary brain inflammation, the inflammation has a better chance of persisting.   The list of measures to minimize side effects to vaccines is discussed at Immunizations.

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See also Cough and Basics for acute illness.


Warm extremities and light diet with excellent hydration are important.

Uriel Rosemary oil on the chest or feet with a hot water bottle

True Botanica Angelica Forte oil for adults applied to the neck daily, to prevent flu, and applied to armpit, groin, and behind the knees before bed at the onset of symptoms.  This strengthens the lymphatic flow and aids in the body’s regenerative process.


The sick person’s ego organization is effectively strengthened to make the fever response effective but not prolonged, and improve weakness and malaise by using

Uriel Meteoric Iron Prunus (contains Echinacea) or Meteoric Iron Phosphor Quartz for adults 10 drops or pellets three to four times daily orally.


Adding the roots of the gelsemium and bryonia plants addresses juicy cough:

Uriel Gelsemium Bryonia may be alternated with Meteoric Iron Prunus for adults 10 drops or pellets three to four times daily orally.


Pain in the limbs with fever suggests eupatorium:

Uriel Eupatorium comp or Sabadilla Eucalyptus pellets for adults 10 pellets four times daily orally.



Because flu is strongly seasonal, it is relatively easy to anticipate the time of greatest likelihood of occurrence, and begin to take an immune strengthener slightly prior to and throughout the flu season as prevention.

Herbs or homeopathic (potentized) iron may be used one dose per day preventively three weeks on and one week off throughout the flu season, or whenever trying to avoid infections, such as during the school year for teachers, or during travel. The rhythmic use of these substances keeps  the body responsive to their message, through an occasional rest period. Some practitioners choose immune strengtheners by blood group.  Blood groups A, B, and AB are said to respond well to Echinacea and Goldenseal, and blood type O is said to not respond as well to these herbs.  The best information regarding effectiveness is obtained by observing an individual’s response to a particular remedy.


Herbs to strengthen the immune system:

*True Botanica Astragalus Pentas for adults 20 drops once daily orally.

*True Botanica Elderberry Thyme Syrup for adults 2 tsp each day orally.

*Uriel Astragalus 1% liquid for adults 10 drops daily orally.

*Weleda Echinacea 1x for adults 7 drops in ½ teaspoon of water daily orally.

*Weleda Echinadoron tablets for adults one tablet daily orally


Potentized iron strengthens the ego organization:

*Uriel Ferrum Quarz 5% tablets used 2 daily each morning orally.

*Uriel Meteoric Iron Prunus (contains Echinacea) for adults 10 pellets or drops daily orally.


Some practitioners use weekly dosing to prevent the flu in the first weeks of the flu season:

Uriel Eupatorium comp pellets for adults 10 pellets orally.


Topical Angelica oil on the front and sides of the neck during flu season helps prevent flu.

*True Botanica Angelica Forte oil for adults applied once or more daily around the front and sides of neck in flu season.


If  a person is elderly or has a weak heart, add also:

*Weleda Cordiodoron tablets for adults 1-2 tablets one to four times per day orally or

*Uriel Onopordon comp for adults 10 pellets or drops one to four times per day orall


ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Natural treatments can support the medical treatment of flu complications. For example, a mustard compress on the calves of the legs draws inflammation downwards away from the head for a patient with bad headache or encephalitis related to flu. Warmth on the lower extremities is always valuable in a sick patient.

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For children’s dosing and treatments, check with an anthroposophic healthcare provider.

Flu can have severe complications, such as pneumonia or encephalitis. The elderly and young children are most at risk for serious complications from the influenza virus.

For all ages, shortness of breath, headache, and increased everity of symptoms require medical attention.

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Dr. Blaylock’s advice:

Individual Paediatrics, Soldner, G. and Stellmann, H.M., CRC Press, 2014.


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