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Hexafluorouranium was a component of early atomic bomb experiments and production. The exposure of government workers to fluoride caused concerns, but concerns were dismissed by putting fluoride into the town water supply in a small town in New York state, and subsequently stating that fewer cavities occurred in that town. The evidence supporting this statement is now considered weak.


From this beginning, the acceptance of wide use of fluoride grew. The phosphate fertilizer industry by-product, hexafluorosilicic acid, is now the source of over 90% of the fluoride used for public water fluoridation, even though it can contain arsenic contamination and is a toxic waste product the industry must dispose of.

Studies on humans with sodium fluoride have been done, but not with hexafluorosilicic acid.

The FDA has never approved fluoride in water.

Lead absorption increases when fluoride is present, creating lower IQ in children.

Vulnerability to fluoride varies from person to person, and there is evidence that low income socio-economic groups are most harmed by the fluoride-lead combination.

Foods, including juice, contain varying amounts of fluoride according to where they originate and the amount of pesticides used in their production. The fluoride content is not required by law to be included on labels, even though excess fluoride causes damage.

Damage from fluoride includes harm to brain, bones, endocrine system. Over 20 studies show lowered IQ in children associated with increased fluoride levels in water.

Fluoride is a substance which the body incorporates into bone and teeth. Topical fluoride has been shown to lessen cavities, but systemic fluoride has never been demonstrated to be effective at preventing tooth decay.

Cavities are best prevented by avoiding sugary drinks against the teeth, such as a bottle at night, and limiting chewy sugar intake. Fresh whole fruit combines sugar with fiber which has the advantage of removing sugar from tooth contact.

Tooth enamel is the hardest surface in the body. Dissolving it requires strong acid-like qualities, comparable to the dissolving of thoughts by our analytic thinking processes. Children do not have these analytic processes unless they are brought into adult thinking realms too early. It has been observed that the child with lots of cavities often has adult information and attitudes at his/her fingertips. Keeping children children supports the vital life processes, letting the analytic digesting thinking processes rest till physical development is more complete. Puberty appropriately initiates the analytic thinking process, the acid penetrating critical questions and comments which are needed for being ripe for taking on the challenges of the world.

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Homeopathic Aesculus is known to diminish occurrence of dental cavities.

True Botanica Aesculus 50x for adults 3-5 pellets under tongue for 30 seconds three times daily.

Homeopathic fluoride guides the fluoride process in the body in a healthy way without ingesting physical amounts of fluoride.

Uriel Osteodoron AM and PM contains Fluorite (calcium fluoride) 6x for adults 1/8 tsp in the morning and evening respectively.

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Cavities are less a threat to health than excessive fluoride consumption.  Be fully aware of contents of your water and dental products especially.

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