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The gall bladder relates to will forces and the metal iron.

As a storage organ, we can live without it when it is surgically removed, because the bile for digestion continues to be supplied by the liver.


The presence of stones in the gallbladder does not necessarily cause pain and they may be present unknown for years.

Discomfort and pain develop when the gallbladder wall is irritated. Acute pain in the right upper abdomen just under the right lower rib cage with nausea, possibly referred to the right shoulder, occurring after a fatty meal is the classic picture of gallbladder disease.

If the pain is mild it is reasonable to start with diet and remedies discussed below, and give the body a chance to correct its inflammatory state.
If the pain persists, one is unable to keep down food or fever develops, see your healthcare practioner immediately.

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Avoid fried foods in the diet for gallbladder disease, and observe effects of eggs and fats on your symptom picture. Avoid these if symptoms increase with using them.

To ease gallbladder pain, center your diet around these two items:
simmer together a mixture of pear, orange peel, and ginger root, and eat two cups per day;
eat two artichokes daily. (See reference below)

If you have a diagnosis of inflamed gall bladder (cholecystitis) from your physician, you can complement his/her treatment of you by using a hot yarrow compress on the right lower rib cage (the gall bladder and liver area) repeatedly in a rhythm, for example, every night at bedtime.

Uriel Yarrow tea is high quality.

Uriel Oxalis gel 30% applied to the area and covered with cloth (see Oxalis compress) and hot water bottle assists in relaxing spasm.

Uriel Fragaria Vitis for adults 10 drops or two tablets before meals and at bedtime, or Weleda Hepatodoron for adults 2 tablets before meals and at bedtime to support  digestion and the nighttime liver – gall bladder healing cycle.

If the gall bladder is not causing acute pain, Uriel Chelidonium Curcuma for adults 10 drops or pellets three times daily after meals supports normal gall bladder function during digestion.
Stones may be in the gall bladder and cause no symptoms for a long time, or may cause colic.
For known gallstones, using Uriel Kalium sulfuratum bath essence for adults one tablespoon in bath water once a week for some weeks (start with 6) may help activate dissolution processes.
Mederi Centre Gallbladder tonic ½ teaspoon in warm water or tea, 4 times daily settles pain and normalizes gall bladder function.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Yarrow and oxalis oil dispersion baths are general supportive treatments for patients with gall bladder disease. Practitioners may use injections of homeopathic remedies for the pain of an inflamed gall bladder.

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