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The brothers Stephen and Thomas Amidon, one a cardiologist, one a journalist, wrote Sublime Engine, the Biography of the Human Heart. This history of the human heart parallels first its symbolism in literature and religion, then its understanding in the medical community.


The heart was revered, seen as source of life and spirit, noted to contain the Cross in it, then demoted to a remarkable muscle. Over the course of time, as circulation was discovered, the world changed, and human beings changed from being God-centered to being more self-centered, and understanding of reality came through mechanical principles.

William Harvey, an early researcher into circulation, did not consider the heart to be a pump. The 19th and 20th century researchers following him concluded the heart was a pump, in effect oversimplifying and undervaluing the heart’s complex role.

Embryologically, blood begins to move on its own, before the heart is formed. The suctional forces created by movement of proteins and fluids throughout body tissues initiate movement of fluids in circulation,and the heart’s contraction is an assisting pump-like force.

The heart is only pump-LIKE, because no mechanical pump pauses as does the heart. The pause in the heart allows for the refined spiral movement which the heart makes, and the entry of consciousness into the human being. Humans balance between polarities, warm and cold, sickness and health, sclerosis and inflammation, activity and rest. The balance point between the two, the ability to shift from one to another, is the uniquely human point. The heart has sensing activities, and secretes hormones in response to the quality of blood in its chambers.  See High blood pressure, hypertension.

The Rhythmic System of the human consists of heart and lung, the organs which most obviously alternate between two extremes. When the rhythmic system is healthy, excesses in the nervous system sphere or the sphere of metabolism are softened. The rhythmic system is supported by a rhythmic life style and new discoveries around circadian and other hormonal rhythms are found regularly. The arts, such as singing, playing an instrument, painting, sculpting, all have elements of breathing and rhythm, and are supportive of health of the heart and the rhythmic system.

Cholesterol is a precursor for steroid hormones including vitamin D. While there is major medical focus on lowering cholesterol in the blood, in fact other risk factors carry significant importance that should not be overlooked, namely cardiac homocysteine (a measure of how we metabolize folic acid) and high sensitivity C-reactive protein. The older a person gets, the less the standard cholesterol test is of value. The best cholesterol testing looks at particle size, not just total numbers of types of cholesterol. Statins, the drugs commonly prescribed for cholesterol lowering, can cause muscle cramps in lower extremities, which are often relieved with CoQ 10. Statins lower cholesterol through interference with a metabolic reaction in the liver.   See Cholesterol.

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Exercise and moderation in diet, with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, and minimally processed food, are part of heart healthy lifestyle. Homogenization of fat in milk makes the fat more dangerous. Partially hydrogenated fats particularly aggravate cholesterol, found in processed foods (read the labels). See Basics for general health.

The heart as a muscle responds well to Arnica compresses or ointment on the chest as supportive treatments with cardiomyopathy or pericarditis. (For example, Herceptin treatments for Her 2neu positive breast cancer can cause cardiomyopathy. Arnica during the treatment series helps avoid this muscle damage or support reversing the damage.) Topical arnica preparations (cream, ointment, oil, essence) are available from True Botanica, Uriel Pharmacy, and Weleda Pharmacy.

Dietary interventions of known value are omega 3′s (these cut sudden cardiac death almost in half when present in adequate amounts). Adequate vitamin D decreases the occurrence of congestive heart failure and hypertension. Omega 3’s and D are found in most concentrated form in salmon, and may be taken as supplements.

All doses should be confirmed with your healthcare practitioner. True Botanica Vit D Plus capsules contain D3 2000 iu per capsule and valuable trace minerals, one daily for adults. GreenPasture Blue Ice Royal contains fermented cod liver oil with butter oil, 2 capsules in the morning for adults.

Cordiodoron (meaning bread for the heart) made by Weleda Pharmacy is a time honored preparation to be used longterm to steady the heart rhythm and support heart and rhythmic system function. Cordiodoron 1 tab four times a day for adults. Uriel Phamacy has an equivalent in its Onopordon comp, and Uriel’s Onopordon Aurum adds the therapeutic value of gold (Aurum) to the basic formula. Onopordon or Onopordon Aurum cp 10 drops or pellets four times a day for adults.

True Botanica’s Cardiol PLUS combines carnitine, hawthorn, rosemary as cardiac support, one capsule three times per day for adults. Natura Health Products’s CVResQ containing resveratrol, alpha lipoic acid, and ubiquinone are valued heart supports, one capsule per day for adults.

Stress can result in palpitations.  Centering diminishes stress, through the use of potentized gold (Aurum) cream or ointment, on chest or wrists. Uriel Pharmacy makes Aurum lavender rose cream and ointment, and True Botanica has Aurum Pentas cream.
Weleda Pharmacy makes these creams by prescription.

Healthy cholesterol levels are supported with True Botanica Formica 6x 20 drops three times a day for an adult, and Natura Health Products Cho-less, 1 capsules three times a day for an adult. 

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Heart health requires self-starting efforts on our own behalf, AND wise guidance of trained healthcare provider.

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The Heart and Circulation, an integrative model, Furst, Branko, Springer, 2014.

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