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In anthroposophic terms, high blood pressure is the excessive presence of the astral body in the physical-etheric body combination. We are ‘driven’ in an imbalanced way.


In a person with high blood pressure, the Ego, which should create order in the system, is not in charge. See Ego, Astral body, Etheric body, Physical body, Picture of the human being.

Every physical demonstration in the human being, whether form or function, reflects a higher principle.

The heart has two contrasting parts in its anatomy (structure) and function.  It is easy to see how different and complementary they are.  The thick-walled left ventricle contracts powerfully into muscular arteries, where red blood flows eagerly.  The relaxed system of veins and the atria move de-oxygenated (blue) blood by suction into the right side of the heart system.

The rhythmic cooperation of both contrasting parts provides us with circulation, supporting life and consciousness.  The active left arterial side is more masculine (Mars – like) and the receptive right venous side is more feminine (Venus-like).  The relation of veins to Venus is made easy to remember by the similarity in the words.

contracting/masculine/Mars                receiving/feminine/Venus
Left sided                                                                  Right sided
contraction/force-into-space                   relaxation/make-space-for
arterial                                                                      venous
systole pump                                                         diastole suction
Mars/masculine                                               Venus/feminine
oxygenated/earthly/life bringing          deoxygenated/spiritual/death offering

In the past conventional explanations of blood movement focused on the contraction and muscular aspects of circulation.  These were concepts that only regarded the “masculine” role in blood movement.

However, our thinking has changed and if you read today how conventional medicine describes diastole, the word “suction” is used commonly. (see UpToDate reference below).     Heart function and blood flow is no longer looked at as purely contraction driven. Conventionally we are now beginning to recognize the feminine (Venus) role of the venous system. And interestingly, it is the venous system’s role that is least understood.

In high blood pressure treatments, medications often try to bring more “Venus” to the Mars action within the left sided arterial system.  For example, the beta-blockers slow the heart rate down, as well as lowering blood pressure.

By contrast, when blood pressure is dangerously low in an intensive care unit, conventionally we add vasopressors to raise the blood pressure.  Vasopressors increase the left sided Mars contraction in efforts to keep someone alive at the end of life.

Standard conventional (allopathic) medications work in a Mars-like or authoritarian way.  They generally “force stop” or “force begin” processes. The description of their activity commonly begins with the prefix “anti-” (antibiotic, antidepressant, antiarrhythmic, antipyretic…).  The action of conventional medications is against the body’s existing behavior or symptom.

The relaxing quality of Venus, most active in the veins and the atrial parts of the heart, is receptive.  The event of death occurs when the deoxygenated venous blood predominates.   Mars withdraws and the balance shifts to Venus. It is interesting also to understand this death-quality that Venus carries.

In a healthy circulation both sides work together.

Choosing the right homeopathic remedy in hypertension is important. It does so in a supportive, gently guiding way. It reminds and does not “force” the body. One could say this has a more “Venus” approach. It is through understanding the gestures in the plants that a practitioner or pharmacist can see how remedies meet the individual disease process.

It is said that blood pressure can be high because we need an extra push for accomplishing our goal in life. The question is whether the push becomes a habit, and the blood pressure becomes fixed.

It is important to understand that illness is not a punishment.  It is meant as a great help. Its reason for being is to remind, to teach us something. It is up to each one to listen, to look with consideration and love.

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The treatment of hypertension, or high blood pressure, requires working from many sides: lifestyle, remedies, rhythm, artistic therapies, and often conventional pharmaceutical prescription medications.  Conventional prescriptions may be needed in smaller doses if other treatment aspects are in place.

Blood pressure is a part of ‘breathing’ in the big sense: contraction is the opposite of expansion.   The rhythmic system in the human, the heart and the lungs, alternate these two masterfully for our lifetimes. The rhythm of alternating activity and rest in our daily routine, regular bedtime before midnight with sufficient hours of sleep, and daily time for reflection and stillness, are a foundation in being able to push when needed, and let go when needed.  See Polarity, rhythm.

The activity of mind and body has rhythms, and long distance walking (eg several miles) is known to lower blood pressure in addition to lowering emotional stress.

By contrast, daily long durations of sitting or screen focus, such as TV or computer, are not healthful for the blood pressure. One can make the error of thinking these sorts of activities are “letting go” time periods but in fact they are not.

The physical body or physical temple is the oldest part of the human being. When our “I” makes a decision to exercise, order is created, putting in perspective the astral push expressed as high BP (blood pressure). Whenever our “I” takes command and activates our will, it enters more fully into proper relationship with the astral and order is created in all the bodies.  See Ego, self, I, Astral, soul.

Nourishment of the soul with live arts and time in nature provides both breathing and healthful inner life experience.  Harmonious sensory experience (of beauty) brings upliftment and refinement of health in the physical body. The rush of cars on concrete is not the same nourishment as the rush of wind in trees, or water in a brook. Live music and theater feed healthy human function in a way that is not duplicated by electronic media.

We know salt excess aggravates hypertension, and partially hydrogenated fats aggravate cholesterol.

Just as sugar can be refined from a whole product, such as honey or sugar cane, so can salt be refined. In both cases, minerals and vitamins are lost. The food becomes an excess of one item without the supports nature provided to metabolize the substance properly. In this refined state, sugar, salt, or any refined food, has drug-like actions, including potential for overuse.  See Trace minerals.

Sea salt is a balanced whole salt product, containing minerals removed in making ordinary table salt (which is only one mineral, sodium chloride, plus anti-caking agents, usually aluminum). Sea salt in low to moderate amounts is generally acceptable for patients with high blood pressure, in the context of healthy overall diet and lifestyle.

Vitamin D deficiency is also known to be related to high blood pressure. Vitamin K2 is needed for converting the vitamin D into its active form, and K2 also diminishes the calcification (hardening) of blood vessels.

Key organs in creating healthy blood pressure are the heart, the kidney-adrenal system, the blood vessels going through the aging process, and the central nervous system.

Kidney: The plant chamomille grown in copper-containing compost gives the message of relaxation to the kidney-adrenal system from the plant and the metal kingdoms.     True Botanica Chamomille Pentas Tincture for adults 20 drops three times daily orally and Cuprum Pentas for adults 20 drops three times per day orally are similar.   True Botanica Stannum complex (with copper in special preparation) harmonizes kidney function: for adults 20 drops three times per day orally.

Remedies with equisetum address kidney health, such as Uriel Equisetum Viscum for adults 10 pellets four times per day orally.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Weleda Pharmacy prescription Chamomille cupro culta 2x is another useful option.

Heart: Remedies with gold (Aurum) and arnica address the heart. Uriel Aurum Plumbum for adults tem pellets three times per day orally. True Botanica or Uriel or Weleda Arnica oil or lotion compresses on wrist pulse points.

Enzymes of certain types lower excessive blood viscosity such as nattokinase, and with pine bark supports cardiovascular health.

True Botanica Cardiol Plus for adults 1 capsule daily orally supports healthy heart function.  True Botanica Berberine Plus for adults 2 capsules daily orally complements the heart strengthening effect.

Blood vessels, aging: Sclerosis or hardening is the process we experience with aging.  In the blood vessels, aging makes the tissue more like a wall than a cushion, so the blood bounces off the hardened vessel wall increasing blood pressure, instead of guiding the blood flow without increase of blood pressure. Uriel Birch leaf tea for adults 2 cups per day, 5 days per week, supports a healthy aging process including the lessening of blood vessel hardening.

Central nervous system: Rauwolfia serpentina plant gave rise to one of the earliest medicines to lower blod pressure: reserpine. Reserpine is available by conventional prescription but little used. As an herbal or homeopathic preparation, it has use in natural treatment of high blood pressure.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Compounded prescriptions, such as Weleda Aurum met D10/ Chamomilla Cupro Culta D2/ Cuprum Sulf D6/ Rauwolfia D1 (equal parts) provide effective combination treatment for mild high blood pressure. Prescribers can also prescribe Rauwolfia 1x, Weleda Pharmacy. Homeopathic lead (Plumbum) combined with honey is known for its softening of the excess buildup of plaque which characterizes sclerotic (stiffened) blood vessels.  Natura products Cardiotonic BP provides herbs, vitamins, and minerals to lower blood pressure, and includes Rauwolfia.

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Get blood pressure checked annually if you believe it’s normal, more frequently as you get older or with positive family history of high blood pressure.

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, respect the impact of it on function and lifespan, and follow up regularly with your healthcare provider.

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