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Families often create or purchase a home remedy kit to have on hand the remedies they are most likely to need, based on past experience of the family’s health needs, or on the ages and activities of family members.


For instance, if a family member easily runs fevers, or is prone to earaches, Apis Belladonna is handy to have on hand.

See Ear diseases, Fever, Trauma, Basics for acute illness and other articles on specific symptoms for remedy recommendations and compress instructions to build the kit your family needs.  You will be able to respond quickly with natural remedies if and when the need arises.

Remedies can last for a long time, usually seven years, so check the expiration date with your supplier.

Oral remedies in low potencies, 6x, are safest to avoid aggravations, and are ideal for home remedy kit supply. The low potencies work by entering through the physical digestion; they are transformed so they work on higher members of the human being, such as the etheric (life force), astral (emotion / soul), and individuality (self or I or ego). See Etheric body, ethers, Astral body, soul, Ego, Self, I.

Tinctures or essences are best for topical use, and may be used orally in smaller amounts. Some oils keep well; essential oils keep longer, but are usually diluted before applying to the skin to avoid irritation.

The following items are often helpful as part of home remedy supplies:

  • a humidifier especially if it can be used either warm or cool;
  • thermometer;
  • cup and straw that bends;
  • hot water bottle or two;
  • enema supplies such as nasal bulb syringe for infants, Fleets enema for adults, or standard 2 quart convertible hot water bottle / enema / douche bag for adults;
  • glycerin suppositories (infant or adult);
  • ace wrap or two in different sizes;
  • bandaids of various sizes.

Essential phone numbers should be with your home remedy kit, and by your phone(s):

  • your local medical doctor,
  • poison control,
  • local emergency room,
  • insurance coverage phone number to know if the service you hope to get in the middle of the night or on the weekend will be covered or not;
  • family members you need to notify, and
  • police.
  • If you find someone has been poisoned the first place you should go is to your phone.

Consider also these generally useful additions:

  • oil for humidifier (lavender* to relax, a pinch of Uriel Plantain Beeswax Ointment to provide a small amount of eucalyptus**);
  • organic chamomille tea bags for eye compress or soothing drink;

*If you do not have a humidifier, simply put a drop of lavender oil in a cup of very hot water and set the cup in a safe place; it will act as a diffuser, bringing lavender scent into the air, relaxing, and cleansing of the smell of sickness.

**Eucalyptus oil is of value for respiratory problems, but it is strong and can irritate persons with croup or allergy problems. Uriel Plantain Beeswax Ointment contains a small proportion of eucalyptus which can provide relief without likelihood of irritation.

Compresses are very effective and can be done more easily when you need them if you have assembled what you will need. Clean natural fabrics (eg clean rags from cotton T-shirts or sheets) or old fine cotton handkerchiefs can be used for compresses, but these need to be washed to be re-used. The disposable cotton gauzes are convenient. Consider having these on hand:

  • cotton gauze in 2” x 2” and 4” x 4” sizes to use for compresses, then dispose;
  • wool (or other natural warm fabric if allergic to wool) remnants as wraps to cover the compress;
  • directions for compresses;

Keep handy a copy of Healing Environment or visit the link, so you are reminded YOU are the human medicine, and to take care of yourself. The environment speaks to healing by its being fresh, clean, and peaceful.

See also Emergency article for further health readiness advice.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:   Practitioners often individualize home remedy kit instructions for their patients, listing the therapeutic remedies and compresses they have found most effective. Contact your practitioner for appropriate child dosage for all homeopathic remedies.

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If you have medications in your home remedy kit, be sure you know the directions for use.

All substances, prescription or natural, should be kept out of reach of children or those not able to be responsible for their actions.
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