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These printable instructions are meant to be used in conjunction with the video Horseradish compress in the video group at

Indication: Sinus congestion or pressure, Eustachian tube dysfunction

Contraindications: Broken skin or sunburned skin.


Hot water bottle with plug that fits securely (test it before you fill it with hot water, please)
Tea kettle with water
Horseradish root fresh or powdered wasabi
Grater and small plate
Compress cloth (thin natural fabric approx 6” x 6”)
Safety pin
Oil for skin to apply after the compress, such as olive oil or arnica oil


Heat water to Almost Boiling
Fill hot water bottle half-way
Fold water bottle to remove the air
Grate horseradish until you have 1-2 tsp grated horseradish for each compress
or make a paste of powdered wasabi with warm water
Spread preparation thickly on center of compress cloth
Fold compress cloth so that there is only one layer of cloth between the plaster and the skin and
secure with a safety pin
Place on hot water bottle to warm slightly
Ask patient to hold on sinus area that is painful with slight pressure, making sure the
compress is in full contact with the skin, until the skin becomes red
Compress may burn slightly and be somewhat painful
Check for redness when the patient reports that the compress is warm or hot, but
encourage patient to maintain compress until redness occurs (not longer than 15
minutes usually)
To help with irritation, apply oil (olive oil or arnica oil) after the compress is removed.

The directions may be adapted to use grated GINGER ROOT also as a compress for the same purposes.


Redheads and blondes usually have more sensitive skin and will obtain redness more quickly.
Care for sinus congestion may require additional treatments. Treatment should be supervised by a fully trained healthcare provider.
Do not overheat the water for the hot water bottle, or overfill the bottle. If you are applying the hot water bottle directly to the person’s body use a hot water bottle cover. (It is easy to make one from an old sweater)

Compresses should be done by an adult with full focus on the activity.

See Value of external applications

See Videos: external applications.

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