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The ‘hot flash’ or ‘power flash’ or ‘warm flash’ are all versions of the adjusting taking place in a woman’s body around menopause time as her native hormone secretions diminish. Life forces are freed for a new creativity, shifting from the physical creativity (babies) to the spiritual level (ideas, insight, wisdom). See Menopause.


Cultures whose diet includes herbs like ginger, garlic, and cayenne, may have a milder experience of hotflashes, since the vasodilatation in response to these warming herbs has already ‘conditioned’ the circulatory system. Healthy liver keeps hormone metabolism intact.

While estrogen replacement therapy often reverses hot flashes, the current ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) recommendations are to use the lowest dose of estrogen for the shortest duration to reduce symptoms such as hot flashes.

Natural alternatives have value.

Women often recognize the shift of life forces toward creativity, wisdom, insight, that occurs as physical reproduction wanes.

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Natural progesterone can be used as a nutrient to the endocrine system, supporting the thyroid, adrenal, and progesterone-estrogen production. Its usual application for adults is topical use of 1 gm (1/4 tsp) twice daily from ovulation to menstruation or as directed by your provider on thin-skinned parts of the body rotating the location (underside of breasts, underside of the upper arms, lower belly, inner thighs). During a hot flash, the dose can be applied every ten minutes. Uriel Pharmacy provides this, as well as other sources.

Hot flashes with irritability and exhaustion and complaints localized in genital region are often helped with Uriel Melissa Chamomilla; for adults, 10 pellets 3-4 times daily orally.

For hot flashes associated with urge to urinate and palpitations Uriel Sambucus Larix combines Sambucus and Cimicifuga for adults 10 pellets 3-4 times daily orally.

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Sweats at night are occasionally related to tuberculosis or lymphoma. Work with a provider to be sure your hot flashes are part of an ordinary uncomplicated menopausal syndrome.

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