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Low blood pressure (hypotension) is not a disease if no symptoms are associated.

Low blood pressure and low pulse can be a sign of excellent athletic conditioning, such as the Tarahumara Indians who run long distances at high speeds as part of their way of life. See


If there are symptoms association with low blood pressure, the person may complain of feeling tired, and apathetic and weak. Causes of this may be volume depletion (loss of fluids, such as dehydration or bleeding or diarrhea) or an imbalance in the relationship between the nervous system and the circulation. The latter can have many causes.

A serious loss of blood pressure occurs with the medical condition designated ‘shock’ in which blood pressure is too low to sustain consciousness, or even life. This occurs in the setting of blood loss, trauma, sepsis (systemic infection), and other serious illnesses. See Shock.

Diet should include adequate hydration and salt intake, and high quality food. Vegetarians may have lower blood pressure than omnivores. Lower blood pressure may be a reflection of healthier diet over one’s lifetime. The Basics for General Health apply as foundation for healthy lifestyle.

It is important to know the results of a physical exam, and blood work to assure the organs are normally functioning.

If these are normal, this may signify that the person has a light incarnation of the astral body (soul) and/or ‘I'(Ego, Self)  into the physical and etheric bodies. See Ego, Astral Body, Etheric Body, Physical Body, and Picture of the human being

The human being is a cosmic being who has come to earth and taken on the physical body to fulfill a path of learning or a certain destiny unique to that individual.

We are like little meteorites, who fling ourselves to earth for a purpose.

The meteorite is an iron alloy which contains nickel and cobalt. When it is potentized for the remedies, the quality of its assertion and attraction to the earth is freed from the physical meteorite substance. The remedy contains a tiny amount of meteorite, and the quality of the meteorite, made available to the human being for healing.

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The fuller uniting of the astral body into the physical and etheric bodies can be supported with this homeopathic iron, such as

Uriel Meteoric Iron Phosphor Quarz or Meteoric Iron Prunus, for adults ten pellets three times per day orally.

A general remedy for hypotension and exhaustion is

Uriel Aurum Prunus for adults 10 pellets or drops three to four times per day orally.

This combines the centering quality of gold (aurum) and the vitality building properties of the plant Prunus spinosa, flowers and growing tips, and may be given for a short course.

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Be sure to get accurate diagnosis if any symptom (weakness, malaise, etc) persists, and if any vital sign (pulse or respiratory rate or blood pressure or temperature) is abnormal.

If very low blood pressure due to medical shock is present, sometimes the above remedies may be supportive after initial urgent medical care, but the remedies listed would not be the sole treatment for this emergency situation.

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