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It heals us to be out in nature, and sometimes we pay the price of insect bites if we are tasty enough.

See Nature Spirits to understand more about the harmonious feeling being in nature can offer.


Prevention can be approached by using in the environment or on clothing and skin citronella oil or candles.

Long sleeves and pants and picking your season and time of day to be outdoors are part of the outsmart-the-bugs routine.

Standard chemical bug sprays, which contain pesticide of certain types, are also available, and like all toxins or chemicals, add up to a total body burden which some people tolerate better than others.  For this reason, it is wise to accomplish as much as possible with lesser toxic products.

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Eating parsley, garlic and Brewers’ yeast or Nutritional yeast in the diet boosts the I-don’t-taste-good message you want to send to bugs.

There are reports of B1 (thiamine) helping prevent bug bites and the large swellings some people endure. Doses for adults Thiamine (B1)50-100 mg twice daily orally.

Effective treatment, once bitten, is Uriel Arnica Nettle Gel or Spray, used as needed (frequently) on the inflamed itchy area.

Uriel Arnica Echinacea cream is also helpful, applied topically frequently on the inflamed itchy area.

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Bug bites are commonly only an annoyance, not a danger.  Exceptions include bites from other sources, such as spiders or scorpions, which can damage tissue.

Occasionally a bite will become infected (cellulitis).  Be sure to check with your doctor or healthcare provider if the bite is not ordinary in its appearance or if it lasts a long time.

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