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These printable instructions are meant to be used in conjunction with the video Lemon calf compress in the video group at

Indication: Fever

Contraindication: Cold feet.


  1. Lemon
  2. Bowel
  3. Knife
  4. Warm water
  5. 2 cotton wraps (length of patient) 2 in. wide for children or 3 to 4 in. wide for adults
  6. 2 wool wraps (length of patient)


  1. Bring equipment to the bedside. Patient should be dressed warmly and covered.
  2. If the feet are not warm apply hot water bottles to the feet. Do not begin unless the feet are warm (note you want the feet as warm as the stomach).
  3. Roll up wraps from one end.
  4. Cut the lemon under the water and squeeze. Scoring the skin releases the volatile oils from the skin into the water, as well as the juice.
  5. Soak the cotton wraps in the lemon water. Wring out the wrap leaving them damp but not dripping.
  6. Apply the wrap to one leg, starting at the toes moving up to the knee. Wrap immediately the wool wrap on top in the same manner. A large long pair of wool knee-highs may be used in place of the wool wrap to  cover the lemon cloths.
  7. The direction of the wraps should be from inside to out.
  8. Do the same for the other leg. Cover patient with blanket.
  9. Be sure that there are no spaces left in either of the wraps. The skin should be covered from the tips of the toes to the knees with the cotton wrap and the cotton wrap should be completely covered with the wool wrap.
  10. In 7-10 minutes, check cotton wrap:
    1. If DRY- remove and apply freshly dipped wrap
    2. If COOL- remove and redo. Be sure there are no leaks in the wrap, the feet are warm and the wrap is not too wet.
    3. If warm and moist- may leave on for another 5-10 minutes.


Fever often requires additional treatments and care should be supervised by a trained healthcare provider.
Compresses are to be done by an adult with full focus on the activity at hand.

Do not overheat the water for the hot water bottle, or overfill the bottle. If you are applying the hot water bottle directly to the person’s body use a hot water bottle cover. (It is easy to make one from an old sweater)

See Videos: external applications.

See Value of external applications.

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