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Menopause marks the shift of the body’s etheric (life) forces from physical creativity, to spiritual creativity. Life forces are not lost, but re-directed.

As one British woman said ‘At the change, every woman should go back to university!


Women have biological creativity to give life to new human beings during their reproductive life.

When this time ends, life forces are freed to be available for spiritual –mental-emotional creativity. This is the power of menopause:  menopause unleashes new forces of spiritual creativity, as demonstrated by the quote from the British woman observer

The menstrual life begins and ends with periods of lesser fertility. Maximum fertility is from approximately 20 years old to 35 years old. The average age of menopause is 52 years old.

Though periods may come regularly from 35 years of age till menopause, ovulation may not be as regular. Fertility is winding down gradually. For the woman who wants to conceive a child, this awareness brings the perspective that time is passing. The woman who is not trying to become pregnant, needs to know she still may get pregnant until fully through menopause. Libido may increase, or plummet to nothing.

Menopause is officially defined as 12 months without a menstrual cycle. It can be pretty securely confirmed by blood levels of LH and FSH, which rise at menopause.

Attention to one’s medical care is important, to obtain the physical exam and testing needed around this time, and to go smoothly through a major transition.

  • Request a bone density test within a couple of years of menopause.
  • Mammogram is important around age 48-52 years because the peak incidence of breast cancer is age 50.
  • Thermogram shows hot spots which indicates possible need for breast support, but it is not diagnostic for presence or absence of breast cancer.
  • Stool cards and colonoscopy from age 50 years on are important, earlier if there is a family history of colon cancer at a younger age.

Menopausal symptoms can be emotional or physical. Disturbed sleep, hot flashes, irritability and depression, vaginal dryness, irregular bleeding each have separate articles. See Sleep insomnia, Hot flashes, Anxiety, Depression, Bone strength, Vaginal health, and Menstrual problems.

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Protect the rhythm of life, especially sleeping, eating, and exercise. Have 15 minutes (or more) in nature daily. Let healthy eating provide the base for your smooth sailing: no cigarettes, alcohol, processed foods. See Breakfast. Absorbable calcium is important especially for the first two years when the body tends to lose calcium easily.   See Bone strength.

Clarify your ideals in this phase. What are your creative goals in this new arena? Creativity has moved away from the physical into a spiritual arena. What changes do you see in your aspirations? In your thinking? Be an observer of yourself. Review your biography to get a perspective of themes working through your life, and how you’d like to direct them.

These remedies for emotional or physical difficulties related to menopause can be considered with your provider:
True Botanica Agnus Castus Pentas for adults 20 drops three times per day orally to support female endocrine function.
True Botanica Clear and Calm for adults one capsule twice a day or two at bedtime orally for steady calmness and sleep.
True Botanica Leonurus Cardiaca 6x for adults 3-5 pellets three times per day orally for palpitations.
True Botanica Millefolium 6x for adults 3-5 pellets three times daily orally for healthy liver and kidney function.
True Botanica Women’s Energy Plus for adults one capsule daily orally for improved vitality, memory, sleep.
Uriel Bryophyllum Argentum for adults 10 pellets four times daily orally for easy agitation and tears.
Uriel Ignatia Bryophyllum for adults 10 pellets four times daily orally for emotional ups and downs in menopause.
Uriel Marjoram Quercus for adults 10 drops four times daily orally except during flow for irregular menses.
Uriel Melissa Chamomilla for adults 10 pellets four times daily orally for hot flashes, palpitations, irritability, and fatigue in menopause.
Uriel Osteodoron AM and Osteodoron PM for adults 1/8 teaspoon in morning and 1/8 teaspoon in evening respectively, orally for bone strength or
Weleda Calciodoron AM and Calciodoron PM for adults 1/8 teaspoon in morning and 1/8 teaspoon in evening respectively, orally for bone strength.
Weleda Marjoram Compound for adults 7 drops in ½ teaspoon of water four times per day except during flow for irregular menses.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR: Hepar magnesium D6 / Pulsatilla D12 / Tormentilla D30 is a prescription remedy from Weleda that brings support for liver function, vitality, re-balancing during menopause.

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Post-menopausal bleeding can signify the endometrium (lining of the uterus) has atypical or malignant cells.

Post-coital bleeding (bleeding after sex) can indicate cervical cancer.

In both instances, and any other instance of abnormal vaginal bleeding, pelvic exam by a qualified health professional is required.

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