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Menstrual problems may be divided into those associated with abnormal blood flow amount or timing (none, too little or too much, or irregular flow), and the symptoms associated with the cycle (Premenstrual syndrome, and painful periods).


Menopause and Hot flashes are separate articles. Please see Basics of General health

Absence of menstrual flow
Heavy menstrual flow
Irregular timing of flow
Painful menstrual periods
Premenstrual syndrome.

Absence of menstrual periods (amenorrhea) can occur in a woman who has started her periods. Its cause must be found. It may be due to pregnancy, or malnutrition (including anorexia), stress, extreme athletic endeavors such as running, or a hormone imbalance such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). A simple pregnancy test and health history can begin to suggest a diagnosis.  Sometimes no serious cause is found, and stress or a mild hormone imbalance is considered the most likely source.

Heavy menstrual flow usually is not related to serious problems with the blood clotting system. But aspirin and omega 3’s have mild blood thinning effects which may contribute to heavy menstrual flow. Anemia and significant fatigue and dizziness can result if the hemoglobin drops. If a person’s diet does not provide iron, there may be insufficient iron stores to rebuild hemoglobin lost during the menses. Evaluation should include pelvic exam, Pap smear, possible ultrasound of the uterus, and blood work (Complete Blood Count).

“Irregular periods” may be too long in duration, too short, too heavy, too light, or erratic and without a regular rhythm. Evaluation by a practitioner is the first step to determine the cause. Regular exams are nonetheless important to detect if there are abnormalities in need of correction.

Painful periods (dysmenorrhea) can be from endometriosis, a diagnosis made by pelvic exam and sometimes laparoscopy. Painful menstrual periods are related to inflammatory metabolic events, and spasm. Natural treatments may reasonably be used before standard anti-inflammatory medications, or may be used with them in order to use smaller doses of pharmaceutical drugs.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) :   Is it more exciting being a woman and surfing the unpredictable, or living with a woman? Often the most vulnerable time of the month is the days (or weeks) before the menstrual period. A stable blood sugar and excellent self-care are especially important during the premenstrual time. See Breakfast.

Symptoms occurring consistently before the menses can signify a relative progesterone deficiency, whether these symptoms are physical or mental / emotional. Symptoms occurring after the menstrual period can signify a relative estrogen deficiency. The range of premenstrual symptoms includes irritability, depression, headache including migraine, fatigue, diarrhea, proneness to infections.

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Treating a hormonal problem often requires three months of treatment to determine benefit.

The remedy that harmonizes menstrual function— whether too little, too much, too early, too late – is a combination of marjoram, yarrow, oak, nettle and shepherd’s purse. There are two sources.
Uriel Marjoram Quercus for adults 10 drops four times daily (except during flow) orally, or
Weleda Marjoram Comp for adults 7 drops in ½ teaspoon of water four times daily (except during flow) orally.
The dosing skips the menstrual flow time because occasionally using the remedy during the flow can increase cramps if the woman is prone to menstrual cramps.

Absence of menstrual flow
Uriel Marjoram Quercus or Weleda Marjoram Comp may be used as described above.
Often the provider will prescribe natural or synthetic progesterone or other hormone programs to bring about withdrawal bleeding 3-4 times per year.

Heavy menstrual flow
In addition to dealing with the cause of the heavy menstrual periods, the following natural supportive measures are helpful:
Uriel Marjoram Quercus or Weleda Marjoram Comp may be used as described above.
True Botanica Stibium Pentas Cream for adults apply small amount to the lower abdomen once daily, cover warmly, or
Uriel Stibium 5x Cream or Stibium 0.4% Ointment for adults apply small amount to the lower abdomen once daily, cover warmly.
During the menstrual flow, for adults take an oral iron supplement. Physical amounts of iron slightly contract the blood vessels. Iron being lost is replaced, as anemia preventive.
Uriel Lemon Quince Nose Spray for adults four times daily in each side of the nose. (The restraint quality of the two fruits helps hayfever, and can bring restraint to excessive menstrual flow.)

Irregular menstrual periods
The harmonizing remedy, Uriel Marjoram Quercus, or Weleda Marjoram Compound, is the supportive treatment of choice. Use as described above. Nutrition is a foundation for health. Today’s culture encourages irregular lifestyle habits. See Basics of general health, Rhythmic system, Warmth and health.

Painful menstrual periods
Omega 3’s offer an anti-inflammatory balance to the standard American diet which is pro-inflammatory (high in omega 6 fatty acids).
Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal for adults 2 capsules daily orally.
Sitting on a hot water bottle, or placing the hot water bottle at the low back can relax spasm, sometimes moreso than by placing the hot water bottle on the low abdomen.
Chamomile abdominal wrap used for three days before each menstrual cycle sets the stage for avoiding spasm before the period occurs. (Fingado book in resources)
True Botanica Chamomile Pentas Cream may be used on the low abdomen throughout the flow when cramps occur.

One can help prevent painful periods by always keeping the legs warmly covered, WOOL UNDERWEAR are a powerful secret weapon to avoiding painful menses. They keep the pelvis and kidneys warm, and are available as briefs, short legs, or long johns.
using Uriel Marjoram Quercus or Weleda Marjoram Comp as described above over a long period of time.
Daily leg massage from feet to abdomen with small amount of copper ointment or cream is also helpful.
True Botanica Cuprum Pentas Cream for adults small amount used as noted immediately above, or
Uriel Rose Copper ointment for adults small amount used as noted immediately above, or
Uriel Copper oxide ointment 0.4% for adults small amount used as noted immediately above.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Prescription Weleda MAJORANA MELISSA TEA for adults two teaspoons of herb with two cups of boiling water, steep 3-5 minutes, and use 2 cups one or more times per day.

Premenstrual syndrome
True Botanica Agnus Castus Pentas for adults 20 drops three times per day orally to relieve discomfort of PMS and congested breasts.
True Botanica Millefolium 6x for adults 3-5 pellets three times daily orally for healthy liver and kidney function.
True Botanica Women’s Energy Plus for adults one capsule daily orally for improved vitality, memory, sleep.

Uriel Pulsatilla Tormentilla for adults 10 pellets four times daily orally is a homeopathic preparation supporting a healthy premenstrual time.

Uriel Natural progesterone is an over the counter product which can be used for the premenstrual range of symptoms. Usually for adults ¼ teaspoon is applied twice daily from ovulation (Day 14) to menstruation (Day 28). It is applied topically on the thin-skinned parts of the body (the underside of the breasts, under the upper arms, lower belly, inner thighs) rotating sites. These are all soft areas that do not get hardened by sun exposure. The days of the cycle are counted with the first day of the flow being Day 1. In a 28-day cycle, ovulation occurs at approximately Day 14. Using progesterone during this interval matches the body’s normal time of producing progesterone, gently increasing the amount.

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Some forms of bleeding are not normal and require biopsy.  The gynecologist is most expert at menstrual problems.

Some mental changes are more serious than PMS and require mental health evaluation.  These should not be dismissed as ‘hormones’ by the person herself or her family.

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