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Mental function and mood interact.  The physical basis of mood and mental function is a stable blood sugar and good nutrition.


Support for vegetative functions is a first stepping stone to clear emotional and mental function.  Consciousness works best based on a sound physiology.

Because higher functions are blood sugar dependent, the first step is to have adequate high quality protein for breakfast (see Breakfast) to stabilize blood sugar for the day.  This forms the foundation in our physiology to support memory, learning, judgment, a stable mood, and reliable physical coordination.  We also have fewer cravings for the rest of the day when the blood sugar is stable.

Our life forces or vitality contributes to a youthful memory.  The etheric body is the system of life forces, and carries a special role in memory. See Etheric Body.

There are times in life when life forces are depleted, and mental function is vulnerable to deterioration, such as

  • during stress,
  • premenstrually or in menopause,
  • ‘baby brain’ experienced after delivery,
  • ‘senior moments’ of aging, and
  • with extreme diet changes.

See   Anxiety,   Basics for General Health,   Menstrual problems,   Menopause,   Pregnancy supportAgingAndropause,   Nutrition,   Diet.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Those of us prone to anger or mania or excitability can also receive support from a diagnosis of the organ related to the dominant mood, and support for it, such as supporting the kidney for anxiety and excitability, and the liver for anger or mania. Discuss this with your provider.

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During vulnerable times of depletion,  extra care must be taken to care for our vegetative part:  regular meals, rest, exercise.   See Rhythm.

Sound nutrition is a foundation for health.

Small amounts of raw honey orally daily are specific support for elderly people’s overall function.

Omega 3 essential fatty acids have value in overall mental function, including memory and focus.    Greenpasture Blue Ice Royal for adults 1/2 teaspoon or 2 capsules each morning.

Specific nutrients to support mental function based on time of day are in True Botanica Vital Mind AM for adults two capsules in the morning daily orally, and Vital Mind PM for adults two capsules in the evening orally.

The gemstone amethyst is specifically related to healthy cognitive function. True Botanica Amethyst Pentas for adults 20 drops 1-3 times per day orally.

The multivitamin-mineral formulation True Botanica Mental Clarity is specifically formulated to support general health and mental function, for adults three capsules per day orally.

Potentized wheat germ is used to rebuild concentration and memory, in Uriel Triticum 3 for adults 10 pellets 3-4 times per day orally, or Uriel Triticum cerebri for adults 10 pellets 3-4 times per day orally.

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Any distinct change in mental capacity requires evaluation for serious problems, such as Alzheimers, low pressure hydrocephalus, or brain tumor.

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