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Mistletoe grows on trees which are near underground water sources, using the tree as its nutrient source instead of having its own roots.


The mistletoe plant ignores the forces of gravity (downward) and levity (upward).  It forms its round shape as though suspended in water instead of growing air and light. It also ignores normal seasons, fruiting in February.

These plant characteristics are put to use in the prevention and treatment of malignant processes, which are growing outside the orderly laws of human health, parasitic like the mistletoe plant.

Chemical examination of mistletoe action on cancer cells shows more than one active component. Lectins and viscotoxins both contribute to the mechanism of mistletoe action on malignant cells.

Mistletoe from different trees is chosen because of relation of the tree to the tumor type. For example, quercus (oak) is used for tumors common to men, such as prostate and colon cancer, and mali (apple) is used for tumors common to women, such as breast and ovarian cancer. A physician often individualizes the choice based on the specifics of a patient’s constitution and condition.

Mistletoe is far more effective by injection than by mouth. Injections are given subcutaneously under the guidance of a doctor. Often a red spot at the site of injection is sought, signifying the immune system has been awakened into greater activity. This may be accompanied by temperature elevation, a few tenths of a degree or more. Elevated temperature is valuable in countering the cancer process.

Studies of mistletoe use in cancer have often shown better tolerance of chemotherapy side effects and improved quality of life. Some studies showed increased longevity as well.

Mistletoe is generally not recommended as sole treatment for cancer, but in conjunction with appropriately selected conventional cancer treatment, botanicals, and supplements, on a foundation of high quality nutrition. Mistletoe is sometimes used as prevention for cancer as well.  See Cancer prevention.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:  Uriel Viscum preparations are available to use under your provider’s guidance.

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Early accurate diagnosis and open-minded use of the best treatment choices from conventional and complementary medicine are wise choices in cancer care. Often a team of providers is needed to offer a patient the depth needed in these areas for best outcome.

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Mistletoe and Immunology studies                                    http://www.anthromed.org/Publication.aspx?pubpk=11

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