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The pancreas sits against the spine deep in the abdominal cavity. It secretes insulin for blood sugar management, and digestive enzymes for protein and fat.

In health, the physical body and its glands are enlivened by the etheric body, and harmonious function is guided by the astral body and the Ego (or “I” or Self). See also Physical body, Etheric body, Astral body, Ego or self or I.


The pancreas can be inflamed usually due to alcohol excess, gall stones or significant elevation in triglyceride levels in the blood. Certain prescription medications may also cause pancreatitis.  Usually an elevated blood amylase or lipase will help uncover this diagnosis.

The pancreas may have poor function in one or both of its main capacities:

  • production of insulin (resulting in diabetes), or
  • production of digestive enzymes (resulting in digestive symptoms such as gas, bloating, abnormal stools).

Poor protein handling by the pancreas can be related to eczema and joint problems.

Pancreatic cancer is six times more common in people who have elevated blood lead levels.  Pancreatic cancer may show depression as a first symptom.

The comprehensive stool test (Genova or Doctors Data laboratories) evaluates enzymes produced by the pancreas, a good indicator of pancreatic strength. The blood sugar and hemoglobin A1c and fasting insulin or C-peptide tests show the strength of the sugar management aspect of pancreatic function.

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Digestive rest is of importance for the inflamed pancreas, and often a person is hospitalized for acute pancreatitis. Uriel Pancreas argentum for adults 10 pellets 3-4 times daily orally supports healing pancreatitis.   Potentized (homeopathic) iron is avoided in inflammation of the pancreas.

With pancreatic insufficiency, modest amounts of food and digestive enzymes help relieve the burden.

True Botanica Enzymes Plus for adults one capsule with each meal orally. Enzymes may also be taken between meals, for adults one capsule, to assist in upbuilding the pancreas toward recovery.

The insulin secreting activity of the pancreas is supported by

  • True Botanica Glucanol Plus for adults 2 capsules daily orally, and
  • True Botanica Berberine Plus for adults two capsules once or twice daily orally. Berberine is a powerful, respected herb with metformin-like action. Metformin is a prescription medication which lowers blood sugar.

Uriel Pancreas Meteoric iron supports general pancreatic function, whether insulin secretion or digestive enzyme secretion; for adults 10 pellets 3 – 4 times daily orally.

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Pancreas problems are not always easy to diagnose. Please get accurate diagnosis early on, and use natural treatments supportively.

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