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Pleurisy is the inflammation of the membranes covering the lungs and the inside of the chest cavity.

As the two inflamed membranes move against one another, pain results.


The classic symptom of pleurisy is pain with deep breathing localized to a specific spot.

Pleurisy may occur by itself, but most often is an accompaniment to pneumonia.

It may be caused by a fluid collection, certain medications or an autoimmune cause.

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Because pleurisy may be infectious in origin, use immune support as outlined in Basics of Acute illness. Warmth, rest, cleansing, hydration, etc., are important.

Compresses on the rib cage over the area of discomfort can be of help, mustard compress for a pleurisy without exudate or fluid, and cottage cheese compress for the pleurisy with fluid or exudate. See Mustard compress. See Cottage cheese compress.

True Botanica Mercurius Pentas for adults 20 drops 3 times per day orally

helps inflamed mucous membranes and fluid mobility.

Uriel Bryonia Stannum for adults 10 pellets 3 times per day orally

uses the signature of Bryonia (worse with movement) and the anti-inflammatory and fluid ordering benefits of tin (Stannum).

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Pleurisy is diagnosed by auscultation with a stethoscope, and is then put in the context of other findings, to determine the level of concern. This should be evaluated by a trained healthcare practioner.

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