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The prostate gland enlarges with age, and can develop atypical or malignant cells. The prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test has some value, but needs interpretation by the practitioner. It can be elevated by prostatitis, and can increase with age.


Zinc is known as an important nutrient for reproductive and prostate health.

It is present in large amounts in oysters, and second most concentrated though at a much lower level, in pumpkin seeds. Whole grains and seeds contain zinc as well. Often, because zinc is not in the diet in sufficient amounts (not everyone eats oysters), a zinc supplement is advisable especially as men and women age.

Some people who excrete pyrrole in the urine have high zinc requirements, and need zinc and B6 in larger amounts. The presence of chalky small white spots on the fingernails may indicate zinc deficiency.

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Prostatitis can be difficult to treat because the circulation of the prostate gland is poor. Avoidance of caffeine and alcohol helps decongest the gland when prostatitis is being treated. Regular sexual release provides a balanced production of secretions. Using non-chlorinated drinking water for six weeks can beneficially support treatment of chronic prostatitis. (Tap water can be left in a bowl uncovered for eight hours so the chlorine can evaporate.)
True Botanica Prostate Complex supplies herbs and nutrients with an excellent track record for keeping the prostate healthy; for adult men two capsules daily orally.

Uriel’s Berberis Oxalis and Sabal Populus pellets taken orally present the known herbal benefits in a potentized form; for adult men 10 pellets 3-4 times per day orally.

The supplement quercitin supports resolution of chronic prostatitis. Quercitin is better absorbed in the mouth than in the stomach, so tablets of it should be chewed. Natura Aller ResQ for adults 4 tablets chewed three times daily orally.

ASK YOUR DOCTOR:   Some practitioners have found injectable Berberis Oxalis  demonstrated benefits on prostatic hypertrophy and as supportive treatment in prostate cancer.

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Digital rectal exam by a trained provider is an important part of knowing the prostate’s state of health.

Ask your provider about PSA for you.

Prostatitis often requires longer than usual courses of antibiotics.

Any abnormality of the prostate gland requires follow-up after treatment,  possibly including an ultrasound and biopsy.  Some prostate cancers grow extremely slowly, and the newest trends in treatment depend on careful diagnosis to distinguish which can benefit from conservative monitoring and alternative care instead of more aggressive surgical or radiation treatments.
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