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A study in professional athletes who had the common cold, showed that it took 30 days after symptoms were gone for the athletes to return to peak performance.

The recovery period after acute illness is a reality. We are not sick in bed one day, and well the next.


It is recognized that after an acute illness, fatigue can occur. This is identified as Post Infection Fatigue. When it continues and continues, it can become the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Despite the demands of schedules, the recovery period after acute illness is to be respected. There are specific ways to support the first month after resolution of symptoms of the acute illness we have just experienced.

Take recovery – the convalescence period – seriously.

Continue on smaller scale the Big Three of Warmth, Rest, and Cleansing. See Basics of Acute Illness. This helps prevent a relapse. Usually when an illness is ‘stuck’ and not responding to treatment, the person is either cold, or exhausted, or constipated. The same three factors are found commonly when an acute illness relapses.

Set priorities. If you have been totally out of commission, return to 25% of your commitments the first week, 50% the second week, 75% the third week, and up to 100% in the fourth week, as an approximate guide.

This may mean half days or fewer days of work or school at a certain point. It may mean cancelling meetings or extracurriculars. Laundry and dishes may have to wait or we may have to rely on the goodwill of a neighbor or spouse.

We often prefer to be ‘the strong one’ who takes care of others. Illness stretches us into new areas inside ourselves, in which we can accept our dependence, ask for help, and acknowledge the power and generosity of the other person.

Continue the remedies recommended by your practitioner until symptoms are gone, or a few days beyond symptom resolution, according to the practitioner’s guidance. Request supportive remedies for convalescence.

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Homeopathic iron is common as a strengthener for the immune system.

Uriel Ferrum Phos D6 for adults 1/8 teaspoon three times per day orally for one month, or

Weleda Ferrum Phos 6x for adults 1 tablet three times per day orally for one month.

Prunus oil dispersion baths every three days over a week rebuild vitality.  Nutrition baths are valuable, used once a week until back to full health and activity.  See Baths – nutritional.

Elderberry supports for cold/flu recovery.

Avena Botanicals for adults

True Botanica Elderberry Thyme syrup for adults 2 tsp 3-4 times daily orally.

Classical homeopathy recognizes the value of Sulphur iodatum 30c for adults recovering from cold and flu.

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Prolonged recovery and prolonged or profound fatigue may represent a complication or new diagnosis.

It is important to work with a practitioner who knows your health situation, and can follow up with physical exam and lab testing when needed.

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