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When a person endures an unexpected experience, the finer, or less physical aspects of the human make-up — the Ego (or Self or I), the soul (or astral body) and the life forces (or etheric body)– are jolted, along with any physical jolt that might be part of the experience.


The “finer bodies” are loosened, and then try to re-unite with the physical body so a person can feel like himself or herself fully.

It is common to hear women college students say that their menstrual periods do not occur when they have exams. This is an accessible example of the withdrawal of the ordering principles from the physical body under stress.

The Ego (or Self or I), astral (soul), etheric (life forces) united with the physical body in a harmonious healthy way provide the foundation of moment-to-moment miraculous physiology in intricate rhythms. Without their full presence, we may inwardly experience a sensation of “not being with it” or may slightly stumble, do poorly at sporting or intellectual activities (like tests) or miss a period.

We are familiar with the physical shock of a concussion, a motor vehicle accident, falls, and other trauma. Similar loosening occurs with these physical events.

In medical terms, ‘shock’ as a diagnosis is a specific set of findings (low or undetectable blood pressure, non-responsiveness, etc) and requires immediate emergency room level of care. The term “shock” has more than one meaning, both the medical emergency diagnosis of shock, and the jolt of emotional shock.

We are also familiar with the loosening that is part of sleep at night, and with use of general anesthesia where our consciousness separates from our physical bodies. Occasionally patients describe seeing the operation from outside their own physical bodies.

Because we all have different sensitivities, what is an emotional shock for one person might not be for someone else.

  • A child who moves to a new home, or endures several moves, may have mild emotional shock in his/her non-analytic world; what was, is no longer.
  • The many forms of family dysfunction (parents with substance abuse issues, shouting, physical and sexual abuse, etc.) create repeated events of emotional shock that can become post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • A motor vehicle accident with no visible physical injury may nonetheless entail an emotional shock.
  • A tired or sick person may be more vulnerable to events in surroundings than one who is rested and healthy.

Whatever the cause of the emotional shock, whether an old or new event, whether it happened once or repeatedly, the loosening of the finer bodies and their attempt to re-enter fully, is part and parcel of the understanding and healing of emotional shock.

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Restoring rhythm to the daily life, with regular bedtime and mealtime, is an excellent step in re-integrating after emotional shock.

The classic invitation to the finer bodies to return harmoniously into the physical body is provided by Oxalis ointment.

The signature of the oxalis plant that makes it valuable is the preference it has to grow at the edge of disturbed areas. It is shy, and retreats away from the openly disturbed part, but stays at the edge. It is at home with disturbance, and can guide the body’s finer systems to re-enter fully, to their deepest part, the metabolism. Thus, it is placed over the abdomen.

Uriel Oxalis Ointment 10% for adults and children rub a small amount clockwise on the lower abdomen, and cover warmly. This is done repeatedly for approximately 6 weeks, longer if needed.

Physical trauma may accompany emotional shock. See Trauma for information on natural treatments for mild physical trauma.

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Collapse from medical shock requires call to 911 for emergency treatment.  Conventional medical care is required immediately.

Shock in the medical sense may come from hemorrhage, widespread infection (sepsis), heart attack, or a major neurologic event.

Severe emotional shock may require emergency evaluation as well if symptoms are extreme.

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