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Sinusitis and Eustachian tube dysfunction are two separate conditions. However, they may both respond to similar natural treatments.


Sinusitis is an inflammation or infection of the sinus cavities around the nose, cheeks, or forehead. It may be allergic, bacterial, fungal or viral in origin. Fungal sinus infections are more likely if antibiotics have been used repeatedly to treat bacterial sinusitis. Sinusitis can cause a nasal quality in the voice, and pain or pressure in the cheek and forehead area. Sinus infections must drain in order to heal. A variety of natural treatments listed below have decongestant activity, promoting sinus drainage. Antihistamines dry up drip, and can worsen sinus infections by blocking drainage. Using natural remedies prevents overuse of antibiotics.

Blocked eustachian tubes and sinusitis are uncomfortable, and make our breathing, hearing, speaking difficult.
The eustachian tubes are the connection in our cheek area which are part of the sinus system, and connect the nose with the ear. Eustachian tube blockage may occur from swelling of the eustachian tube passageways due to allergy or as an aftereffect of the common cold. Some people have very narrow eustachian tube passageways which become blocked with only a little swelling or mucous. This predisposes a person to ear inflammation on the same side as the eustachian tube blockage. Eustachian tube blockage may produce decreased hearing, ringing in the ears, a nasal quality to the voice, inability to sniff air through the nose, and cheekbone pressure, and a sense that the ears need to pop.  A person with eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD) may have difficulty with change of altitude, such as airplane take-off and landing.

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Basics for acute illness covers the need for the Big Three: warmth, rest, and cleansing. These are fundamental support for the immune system to be able to do its best, whether recovering from a common cold as with ETD, or in the midst of acute sinusitis. Sometimes these measures are so powerful, no remedies are needed. When the immune system is supported, an acute illness has a strengthening effect for overall health, like an exercise class results in strengthened muscles long after the exercise class is over.

If the ETD is due to allergy, please see Allergies – hayfever.

Natural decongestant treatments may relieve both ETD following the common cold, and sinusitis congestion: chamomille inhalation with eucalyptus added, and topical ginger compress.

A ginger compress is made by grating approximately ½ tsp. fresh ginger root onto a thin cotton cloth or one or two layers of cotton gauze. You may want to make two compresses if both sides are blocked. Gather the loose ends and hold the compress against the blocked area(s). You will feel cool moisture initially, then warmth. You can re-use the compress until you get no reaction from it. You may repeat as many times per day as you like., noting how your skin tolerates the compress. Note: If your skin is extremely sensitive and you experience a strong burning sensation, discontinue the compress immediately. Do not put ginger in or near the eyes.

horseradish compress is displayed in the teaching video at video.sophiamr.com and you may read/print instructions to accompany the video at Horseradish sinus compress.

See Chamomile steam inhalation treatment.  After doing the usual chamomile inhalation method, you may add a couple drops of eucalyptus oil to encourage mucous elimination. Chamomile soothes inflamed mucous membranes, and eucalyptus penetrates through mucous to loosen it. Put chamomile flowers (e.g., open up a tea bag or use the loose herb, preferably biodynamic or organic) in a large bowl, pouring approximately 2 cups of boiling water over the flowers and covering yourself and the bowl with a sheet or towel so there are no air leaks. Breathe the steam for 3 minutes. If it feels too hot, open a peephole. Then, you may add a drop of eucalyptus oil and breathe the combination steam for another 3 minutes.  Eucalyptus may aggravate croup or asthma so use full strength eucalyptus oil with some caution in these persons.  A tiny amount of eucalyptus can be added to the chamomile inhalation by putting in a pinch or Uriel Plantain Beeswax Ointment, which is a mixture of eucalyptus with other herbs.  The chamomile-eucalyptus inhalation may be repeated as needed to relieve congestion.

Inhalations should be used for children only under guidance of a practitioner.  If you use this treatment for a young child, be careful to always hold the child securely and keep the child’s hands in yours to avoid burns. To avoid chill, you may dry off the face and protect the warmth created with a thin layer of oil applied to the face area.

Specific sinusitis treatments are as follows:
True Botanica Argentum Pentas Colloidum (specially prepared colloidal silver) may also be used as inhalation. Use one bottle in 2-3 cups of boiling water; inhale for ten minutes; cover, reheat, and reuse till symptoms resolve.

Uriel Hepar Sulf Sinus for adults 10 pellets four times daily for two weeks. This remedy establishes drainage, the essential first step for sinusitis treatment. After the two week period, sinuses should be draining well and almost cleared up.
The next step is Uriel Myristica Argentum for adults 10 pellets four times daily for two weeks. At the end of the second two week period, you should be well and strengthened so you are less vulnerable to future sinus infections.

Weleda Sambucus Compound for non-pregnant adults 7 drops in 1/2 teaspoon water 3-4 times daily orally for allergy and head-nasal congestion.

Weleda Sinus-Allergy pellets for adults 10-15 pellets 3-4 times daily orally for allergy and head-nasal congestion.

True Botanica Serrazymes Plus for adults 1-2 capsules daily on empty stomach orally helps unseat persistent inflammation and infections.

True Botanica Argentum Quarz for adults 20 drops one to three times daily orally supports healthy sense organs (concentrated in the head region) and decreases inflammation and allergy reactions.

True Botanica Mercurius Pentas for adults 20 drops one to three times daily orally strengthens the mucous membranes in general.

Over the counter pseudoephedrine oral tablets and nose drops of neosynephrine are decongestants which may bring quick relief to painful sinus congestion if natural treatments have not been successful.

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Severe acute sinus symptoms and recurrent sinus problems are best addressed with a physician.

Decongestants (pseudoephedrine and neo-synephrine) can raise blood pressure in people who are prone to high blood pressure.

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