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Sunburn over and over increases the likelihood of skin cancer.  Early aging of skin can result from excessive skin exposure.


Prevention is best, and natural sunscreens usually are based on zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These minerals provide a shade to protect the skin.

See also Trauma.

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Elta and DeVita natural sunscreen products may be found in health food stores, with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as active ingredients.

Avobenzone is the active chemical in standard sunscreens providing protection.

SkinDeep (trademark) is a cosmetics database providing a listing of products and what is known about the level of testing and safety for each.  The Environmental Working Group sponsors this database.

When a mild to moderate sunburn has occurred, use immediately a compress with Uriel Arnica Nettle Essence diluted one part to nine parts water, or Uriel Arnica Nettle Spray on the area.

When the area is less acute, or if a compress is too cumbersome, Uriel Arnica Nettle Gel can be applied.

As the sunburn progresses to peeling, Weleda Burn Care ointment nourishes the skin and diminishes itching.

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Severe sunburns require medical attention.

Be sure to read the label on each sunscreen in order to understand what the active ingredients are, the inert ingredients, and what age the product is intended for.

Nanotechnology is a new form of delivering products into the human body, not fully researched as regards safety.

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Devita sunscreen products     http://devitaskincare.com/store/

Elta sunscreen products     www.eltamd.com

Skin Deep (trademark) database  http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

Uriel Pharmacy www.urielpharmacy.com +1 866 642 2858 (in USA)  +1 262 642 2858 (outside USA)

Weleda www.weleda.com  +1 800 241  1030 (in USA and to obtain contact info outside USA)

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