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The external female genitals can be inflamed from a variety of causes, varying with the age of the girl or woman. The vulva is the outer lips, the vagina the inner birth canal lined by moist mucous membrane. Each area is vulnerable to different problems.


The normal healthy bacteria of the vagina stand guard against abnormal bacteria or yeast which could create an inflammation or infection, and cause discharge and itch. The reservoir for the vaginal good bacteria is the gastrointestinal tract.

The gut bacteria are killed by oral antibiotics, and both diarrhea and vaginitis can follow as a result.  Antibiotic use should be minimized, to avoid vaginitis, and so that the antibiotics can work when they are needed, and so that resistant bacteria are not encouraged in our society.

Probiotics can be taken by mouth to replace the good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.  Using fermented foods in one’s diet as part of an ongoing lifestyle, keeps the good bacteria strong.  Sauerkraut, kimchee, raw milk yogurt, are excellent fermented foods.  See Fermented foods.

Vaginal discharge may occur at certain parts of the menstrual cycle, more in some women than others, and is not necessarily a sign of infection. Changes in the appearance of vaginal secretions may occur with stress, age, sexual activity, and diet.

Before puberty and after menopause, vaginitis and vulvitis have different causes and treatments than for women of child-bearing age.

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Prepubertal vaginitis — discharge, pain, itch in the vaginal area, in a girl before she begins her menstrual periods — can be addressed with squeezing half a lemon in a tub of water and gently splashing the external genitals as part of the bath. Skip soap for the lemon bath.Repeat nightly for 3-4 nights. If not quickly improved, be sure to see physician.

Yeast vaginitis is recognized by a white clumpy discharge which looks like cottage cheese and is itchy. It is most common in women who are diabetic, pregnant, on antibiotics, or taking hormones such as birth control pills. Goldenseal douche is an effective treatment for yeast vaginitis. the recipe is as follows: Use one tablsespoon of goldenseal powder (empty goldenseal capsules (Vital Nutrients) until you have enough) in one quart of good water (preferably filtered, without chlorine or fluoride); simmer for ten minutes; cool to body temperature. Use as douche, daily for three days. Make fresh daily.  Goldenseal has anti-yeast activity. The next step is to insert a probiotic capsule high in the vagina at bedtime after the douche, also for three days. If this program is unsuccessful, a prescription treatment may be needed.  If substances are irritating, do not persist in the treatment.

The best position for administering a douche is to recline in the tub, and hold closes the lips of the vulva around the nozzle on the douche apparatus tip. The vagina has folds, and is expandable. By doing this, the douche liquid opens up the vagina like a little balloon, and provides contact of the douche liquid with all the surface of the vaginal walls, for a better result.

Uriel Pharmacy Calendula Thuja Flora Gel for adults may be used nightly vaginal insertion.  This is a valuable adjunct for vaginitis problems.

Vulvitis — itchy external vulva — is somewhat more common in older women, and is often due to superficial fungal infection. Uriel Rosmarinus lavendula gel is valuable to assist in recovering from this annoying situation.

Vaginal dryness due to diminshed estrogen level in older women can be helped a great deal with Uriel Argentum Calendula ointment or Weleda’s prescription ointment by the same name. The ointment is used in the vagina every night at bedtime for two weeks to build up the vitality of the vaginal cells, then twice or three times a week to maintain the vitality. The schedule is the same as for Premarin or other prescription estrogen vaginal creams, but without the use of hormones.

Chronic issues with vaginal health can be addressed with True Botanica’s Lovage Pentas, for adults 20 driops three times a day orally, and Potassium Reservoir, for adults one capsule daily orally, or more if directed by your healthcare provider.

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Pregnant women with vaginitis need to work with a gynecologist or midwife to assure the health of the baby is not affected by the presence of vaginal discharge or other symptoms. Initial diagnosis is important because some vaginal discharges are transmissible to sexual partners.

In children, pinworms can cause vaginitis.  The doctor can guide in accurate lab diagnosis and treatment.

If symptoms persist, see your physician for an examination.  Especially in older women, vulvar irritation can be a sign of cancer.

Evaluation for diabetes and hormone imbalance is indicated when vaginitis is a recurrent problem.

Minimize antibiotic use to avoid vaginitis and diarrhea, and to prevent the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria.

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